Saturday, 6 April 2013

What a Fantastic Day Today - Springtime in South Bucks at Last!

The Covers came off of The Green Goddess, who has not seen the light of day for over a month. The dust would have to wait until I returned when it would be light enough to give her a Wash and Brush Up ready for the Spring Time Polish.

Leaving our Cul De Sac heading West for Marlow on Thames.

Almost in the Town Centre with Bekonscot Model Village on the left about 60 mtrs ahead.

Driving North through the Town Centre crossing the Chiltern Line Railway Bridge.

Arriving at Beaconsfield Old Town on the A40 where I turn right towards High Wycombe

Heading west just passing the Crazy Bear Theme Hotel

The Village of Bourne End on Thames

Heading down the Marlow Bypass so that I can enter the town from the south. being the quickest  route. 

Driving North through the village of Bisham having just passed the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre Training Ground.

The Complete Angler Hotel Ahead on the Right.

This is where I wanted to be, waiting my turn to cross the Single Track Suspension Bridge over the River Thames into Marlow.

The Marlow George & Dragon Hotel on the right. 

Marlow's Shopping Centre

Passing Under the Old Military Footbridge at Medmenham, approaching the Danesfield House Estate.

Turning Left into the Magnificent Danesfield House Hotel & Spa Complex.

Just a Few Mog Shots in front of the Hotel or as near as I could get.

The Hotel from the hill in the Car Park.

The Main Entrance

 The Clock Tower

Through the Arches

The View from the Terrace to the River Thames 

Topiary and Box Hedges in the Parterre Garden 

The West Wing

The East Wing

More Topiary 

Ornate Chimneys

The Riverside View to the Terrace.

The Hotel Mog of the Feline Kind.

It was Saturday - Wedding Day for this Young Couple

Mog on the Prowl.

Wedding Photos in the Garden.

Danesfield House's Wartime Role.
This Paining depicts the Role Played by Danesfield House when it was requisitioned for use as the Centre for the Study of Arial Photographs taken of Enemy Positions at Land and Sea.
The book 'Spies in the Skies' by Taylor Downing tells the whole story of the work carried out there by the thousands of Photo Interpreters and secretarial staff billeted in the house & grounds from aircraft based at RAF Benson nearby. 
The following group of poor quality photos were taken in the Hotel in difficult lighting. 

On the Way Home.

Leaving the Courtyard

Marlow Memorial Junction.

Leaving Marlow going East 

Wooburn Green Church while held at Road Works Traffic Lights.


  1. Very enjoyable read. I assume you've got a small manageable camera, I think that I would struggle with my SLR, one handed on occasion!

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I only have a small Canon Camera which I keep on a lanyard around my neck.
    I have to leave it switched on when I want to take photos and its a quick, Up Snap and let go so that my hand is not off of the wheel for long. I have 2 rechargeable batteries.
    Mind you in the 22 days of my Around Britain Trip I took 4700 snaps most of which were taken this way.
    There were lots of blurred ones and many with telegraph poles and fence posts in the centre.
    The control buttons are at the back where I have to hold it so the settings get altered from time to time.
    I am setting off on my next Charity Run on 29th for 11 days with a fair bit of town & city driving this time, so I was getting in a bit of practice.
    It won't be so easy to steal a snap on the move in towns.
    Best Wishes