Monday, 13 November 2017

My 2018 All Morgans' Day Charity Calendar

My 2018 All Morgans' Day Charity Calendar

Each year I have produced a limited edition of a Calendars featuring Morgan Cars.

The take up of these calendars has been in decline and is now very poor because;

  • They are expensive compared to High Street Calendars because I buy so few.
  • There are already so many Free Morgan Calendars around, from The Morgan Sports Car Club to its members, of which I am one.
  • There are also free ones from one or two Morgan Dealerships, if you happen to be on their mailing list, which unfortunately I am not.

However, I began my original quest by making to order a Roadster 100 Register specific version each year but this also lost its popularity very quickly.

This year I have decided to just have a few made featuring All Morgans' Day at Blenheim Palace with photos from last year but on next years Calendar Dates when we will be holding our next event there on 1st July. 

As many of you will already know, All Morgans' Days are used to support our chosen charity. The current Charity we support being Combat Stress, The Veterans Mental Health Charity. These Calendars are to raise some extra funds. 

I am therefore selling my Nine 2018 Calendars to the highest offers exceeding £12.00 each as this base price will yield at least £99.00 and as usual, I will include my postage costs into the full donation.

This is an example of the January Page below which indicates both National Holidays and some additional Car Events.

The Calendars are printed on Premium Paper (Thin Card) with a Soft Sheen giving each Photo Plate an after use should anyone want to collect them. 

If any Roadster 100 Register Members would like one then please let me know ASAP as I will offer them, first to the wider Morgan Community and then via Ebay in December if they do not sell here.

It is now 4th January 2018 and the few I sold raised £162 for Combat Stress. There are no more for sale now


 The Front Cover













Friday, 3 November 2017

Board Games during my Last Wednesdays MOT & Service Visit to Southampton

Board Games

Today could well have been a repeat of my last years visit to Southampton but I was determined this time to do just a little more exploration knowing that I had about six and a half hours to utilise while my wife's car was undergoing its annual service and MOT Test.

The walk from the garage to the city centre would take me along the same backwaters to the park where last year this chap was bothered with a large seagull sitting on his head. This morning he was having no such problem. 

It is impossible to walk across the park without getting a view of The Civic Centre Clock Tower.
However, today It holds more significance for me that the last time I was here. As you can see the time is 10.55am and I do not have to collect my car until 5.00pm

The significance I mention relates to the recent passing of my wife's Cousin in Law and Cabinet Maker Derek Kinally.

After my describing my last visit to Southampton to him, he told me that he had made the four large Louver Panels surrounding the Bells in this Clock Tower and that he always regretted never going up their to see then in situ as he had no head for heights. 

As I stood their thinking of him the Clock struck 11,00 am. A wonderful tribute to Derek.

Derek's Louvers

I had decided to try and find the new Shopping Centre that everyone speaks about and the first one I come to is called The Marlands so I pop in as I am in need of a comfort break.

Normally I head for a Costa Coffee as their shops have loos but the sign took me to the first floor where I reached my goal. 

Looking down from the balcony I spotted this Halloween Tableaux .

I am not a lover of Shopping Centres anyway but anything to lose an hour or two. This centre is old even though It had not been there 40 years ago when I would have last shopped in S'oton.

I passed on the Costa when I found it located next to an open fronted eatery and the whole area stank of cooking meat.

The Old City Wall & Bar Gate

 I decided to head out into the, what I remember as the Main Shopping Street which is now pedestrianised. What a transformation from a classy High Street to a run down messy place with boarded up shop fronts and the what is sadly typical mix of people bedding in doorways and begging.

Even the Old Bar Gate which used to be a popular spot with nice cafes and a museum is just lock up and overshadowed by this monstrosity behind. 

Do I sound like a snob? I am not, but it seems to me that so many of British shopping centres have deteriorated into run down areas that most people do not want to shop in so the good shops close and cheap and cheerful ones come in ringing the death knell of what was once nice to shop in. 
Portsmouth and Gosport centres are in similar decline.

Just going around completely empty.

Inside the City Wall is just a very wide Bus Lane.

The old Monk peering over must be scratching his head in wonder ' What have they done to my nice city?' Apparently it was Monks from Beaulieu Abbey that built the wall ?

At the end of this short road I find what I am really looking for. The new West Quay centre. All Bright and  Sparkling. I was so keen to take a look inside that I forgot to take the photos so please forgive these Internet Two Internet Cribs.

 The Main Entrance from the South.

To the left is Westquay Watermark, a new Entertainments Centre.

Just inside the main door was a Costa without smells so I headed in for a welcome rest and a read of the morning papers I had purchased on my way from the garage.

Inside the shopping centre there seemed to be quite a high level of security in place so I felt that it would be prudent not to take any photos. 

After about an hour of wandering around I made my way into the Largest Store there John Lewis. It must be one of their best. 

Once I made my way to the top floor I realised that they had a restaurant there so what a good place to stop again for a lunch of Soup and a soft drink of Apple juice. 

I managed to find a window seat and could not resist a photo or two of the view.

Apparently the view was even better until Ikea plonked their ugly Blue Box there.

In the opposite direction is the West Docks with its massive Container Terminal.

For those interested the Cruise Liner is the Royal Caribbean 'Independence of the Seas', a frequent visitor to Southampton during this year.

I spent an interesting time watching the antics of those looking for a parking place below.

It was like watching an animated version of Car Pac Man. Some would just go around and around.

Others would come in and find an empty space right away.

On my way down I was fascinated by the Christmas Lights over the escalators.

Passing through the Fabrics Department I loved this novel display yacht. 

I still had time to spare so I thought that I would head for the Sea City Museum where I knew another coffee would be available.

SeaCity Museum

On the Advertising Display outside I could see that an unusual exhibition on loan from the V&A Museum in London was available inside. 

On the wall inside the entrance door is this large display matrix of people of all times & nations playing board games.

The Display Title projected onto the wall.

The display features game in many guises as they were played over the centuries.

To make life simple for myself again I will use the notes provided where I managed to photograph them.

Chess is the first game covered on my side of the displays.

This beautiful Table and Chess Pieces is probably made from Bone or even Ivory.

Right up with the modern idiom is this LEGO Chess Board and Pieces 

I love this comment by AA Milne.

The next game displayed using the same board as for Chess is 'Draughts'

A lovely old painting of the family around probably Father & Son playing Draughts.

A Traditional Ludo Board as I remember it.

An alternative Ludo Layout

One of the Perspex Showcases that I will be trying to take good close ups from.

This was made more difficult due the camera angles need to avoid the reflections and the glare of the overhead lighting.

A picture of Japanese Ladies playing 'Go'

A 'Nine Men's Morris' Board

An interesting painting of a Woman trying to prevent a Sword Fight over 'Gambling on a Board Game'

Playing Pachisi

Traditional Snakes and Ladders - Up the Ladders and Down the Snakes.

Boys playing Snakes and Ladders using a Football Dice.

Trivia Pursuit Board, Master Game
- Genus Edition

This game was invented and developed in 1979 by four Canadian friends.
They brought it to the 1982 Toy Fair in New York where interest was slight.
Two years later the game had sold over 20 million copies.
Its appeal lies in combining a single face game with answering questions to show off one's knowledge

Another Profound Opinion

Electronic and Computer Based Games

Fast Frightening Fun! 
The DVD board game with TV host "The Gate Keeper who must be obeyed! 
A game of skill, strategy & suspense wrapped up in a race against time! 
Interactive game play & random DVD selection means a different outcome every time you play! 
Manufacturer's recommended age 12 years +

A Prototype Design for a New Game

An Electronic Hand Held Game of Draughts

A Survey in the form of a Flow Chart designed to tell you what 'Game Face' you may have.

Some General Views of the Exhibition Hall.

A Parent observing their Son playing a Board Game.

Parts of the Display Mural

Chess - I wonder who's go it is?

Back in the Entrance Hall children are busy playing the array of Old Slot Machines

In need of another short rest I head for the Titanic Exhibition and take a seat in the Law Court.

While there I listened to the evidence given during the enquiry about what caused the sinking and the number of fatalities.

Some of the stories were incredible and many sounded like lame excuses out of arrogance.

One of the many photos shown on the wall during the questioning.

A Beautiful Ship that had such a short life. 

A Large Mural of a Titanic Deck Scene to be found in the Entrance Hall.

A photo of Titanic Leaving Southampton for her last voyage taken from a picture hanging on the wall of a local Public House.

It is almost time to leave to take a walk back to the Garage to wait for our car to be finished.

A visit to the restrooms is a must as they are located in the Old Courtroom Holding Cells.

Quite Smart inside.

History of the Cells

The Old Cell Doors in the Passageway.

' Lock The Doors '

A Photo of the Complete Line of Cells with their Doors Open.

Back outside the Tower Clock is just Chiming 4pm.

The Modern Wing of Sea City from the opposite direction.

A Last Close Up of  Derek's Fine Louvers

Another Last Look at the Statue and still there is no Seagull on his head.

They must all be on Half Term Holiday.

On the route back I pass one of the War Memorials in the Park.

A Glance back down the High Street to the Pedestrianised area.

Another Fine Memorial as my last photo today, Dedicated to The Officers of the RMS 'Titanic' who Perished doing their Duty by Remaining at Their Posts. 

I hope you enjoyed the Board Games. Did you realise that there were so many of them?