Thursday, 29 March 2012

Photoed by Wedding Photographer Peter Jones of Pretty Pictures

These photos from Wedding Photographer Peter Jones of Pretty Pictures were taken as he happened to be visiting Sainsbury's Beaconsfield while I was Fund Raising there.

The clarity of the photos form what was obviously a fantastic camera in the hands of an Excellent Professional Photographer
peter jones
01494 678616; 07754 398978

The photos have made my day and perked me up following the depression felt yesterday overt the threat of the pending Fuel Strike. I will wait until the last day before leaving before I decide to pull the plug and cancel all of my bookings. Hopefully, my faith in human nature (hopefully not misguided) will mean that I will still be going.

The car looks superb. I just love the chunkiness of those wheels.
I must send it to the Morgan Sports Car Club Magazine 'Miscellany' They normally never publish my own as 'they are not sharp enough'.

It was a great day fundraising when I collected £243.40 from the good shoppers at Sainsbury's, got a nice red glow to the face and arms, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am there again on 4th April.

 I have also been given a slot to park at The Beaconsfield Town Hall on 5th. Well ! hopefully the 'passers by' will be different people heading for The popular Waitrose Supermarket, next door.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Potential Tanker Drivers Strike.

I am feeling so despondent today after such a positive fundraising day yesterday.

If the Tanker Drivers do strike that will completely scupper my plans for the Around Britain's Coast Roads Trip.

I just cannot get my head around strike threats as in this case there seems to be no positive news of any negotiations taking place. Only Threats

The PM and his cohorts seem to be 'fueling' the issue by suggesting what is already becoming panic buying.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fund Raising for Help for Heroes at Sainsbury's Beaconsfield 27/3/12

I had a fantastic day today fundraising with the very generous customers at Sainsbury's Store in Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield.

Together we raised a phenomenal £243.40. The support for Help for Heroes is is so strong with many donators being appreciative of the work our troops do in these dangerous times and places, two of whom have sons who are currently serving in Afghanistan. 

The car was dressed with stickers ready for the trip and I added to suitcase and banner for authenticity of how we will appear on the journey. This attracted much interest among from everyone who passed by on the way to and from the car park.

While I will be repeating the occasion at Sainsbury's Beaconsfield on 4th April, a big thank you to the Management Team at Sainsbury's and particularly, Charities Co-ordinator Beverley Knight (herself a successful Help for Heroes fundraiser) for allowing me to be there and for making the day go so smoothly.

The best Photo of the day for me is of the lovely group of 'Fans' from the senior year at Alfriston School Beaconsfield who were also visiting the store this morning decided to surround the car and admire its beauty. The Teacher with the girls allowed me to take and post the photo.

Best Wishes

Monday, 26 March 2012

I'm Fundraising with the Mog at Beaconsfield Sainsbury's Store tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) and again on 4th April. This is a first ever for me so I hope it goes well.

The car is now dressed with its H4H Stickers and Banner as it will be when on the road.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I have been busy printing off my A4 sized AtoZ Maps and marking the roads on them, as recommended, for ease of use. This one shows the Mull of Kintyre Peninsular, one of the few roads that I have driven before.

I used to work in a factory located in Campbeltown, on and off, over many happy years and while there regularly played golf at the wonderful Machrihanish Golf Club where I retained a non playing membership until this year. I will visit the club where I hope to be allowed to hit a couple of balls into the sea, one each in memory of my two sadly departed golf partners.

This week I also made and fitted a pair of 'Dave Welling Design' Rear Wing Chip Guards (as published in Miscellany) - or my version of them.
The photo here shows the finished item.

I also received my set of 'Remote Greasing Kit' delivered yesterday so I have to get on with fitting it to the Greasing Points. I will have to Grease the Front Suspension at least five times during the trip.

Lastly I still have to go to B&Q and buy a piece of perforated S/Steel to go under the Lower Radiator to give that some protection.

Hopefully that will be the Mog ready to go. I still have to add my H4H Decals.

I have booked two fundraising days at our local Sainsbury's, not that they will yield much extra. On Easter Saturday I will be going along to High Wycombe to support some ladies at their H4H Cake Sale on Easter Saturday. I need to get a couple of Enlarged items (Map and Press Articles) to show off my trip.

Lastly it will be the Trauma of deciding what and what not to take. I need to rig up a small line under the Passenger Side Tonneu in case I need to dry some of my smalls along the way. One night stops eliminates using the laundry.

Friday, 16 March 2012

A Helpful Coast Road Travelogue

I have just finished reading 'The Coast Road' by Author, Paul Gogarty.

 In 2004 Paul drove about 3000 miles in a Clockwise Direction around the coast roads of just England, skipping up the M5/6 to avoid Wales and then across from Carlisle to Berwick on Tweed to avoid Scotland.

He also took about 12 weeks against my 3 weeks to do 4690 miles making more of a holiday of his journey, partly in a car and mostly in a donated Swift Sundance G306 Motorhome.

The Book has been, and will be a useful guide to some places I will visit.

I found an extra Ferry from Fowey in Cornwall that I can use which will take a few inland miles off of my journey. I won't have the time to search out and meet characters like the many that Paul refers to along the way, but who knows?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fundraising Update

As the advert says, Every Little Helps notworthy .

£1646.50 donated via my Bmycharity website with a further potential £286 from Gift Aid. most of which has come from the excellent generosity of very good friends on Talk Morgan. I have received a few donations from other friends and one from the 1/4 page in the local press. wine 

I have almost given up trying to get support from the Morgan Sports Car Club Centers and the team at Miscellenay Magazine as no one seems to want to acknowledge the event so far banghead . Classics and Sports Car and the new Morgan Magazine MOG have published my event as have our local Beaconsfield advertiser newspaper. If there is no MSCC cover forthcoming during the duration of my fundraising, I may well not bother to renew our membership a the end of the year.  

The 'All Morgans' Day' planned for Waddesdon Manor on June 24th and other donations have also added £630 as well so it is looking very good happy3 .

I have also been invited to join the Ladies at High Wycombe Town Centre on Easter Saturday at their Help for Heroes Cake Sale. So there's Fame for you, no room for the car their though? cloud9 .

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Outline Travel Plan & Dates

Itinerary is set now and overnight stays all booked early due to close proximity to the Easter School Holiday.

Day 1  - 10th April - Home to Mundesly (Buckton actually) Norfolk
Day 2  - 11th April - To just east of Hull via Ledgerwood & Humber Bridge.
Day 3  - 12th April - To Seahouses Northumberland.
Day 4  - 13th April - To Perth (hoping to pop into Russell Patterson's)
Day 5  - 14th April - To Buckie
Day 6  - 15th April - To Wick - A Dearth of Patrol Stations around this next bit.
Day 7  - 16th April - To Inchnadamph via John O Groats & the North & North West
Day 8  - 17th April - To Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye
Day 9  - 18th April - To Oban
Day 10 - 19th April - To Ardrishaig near Lochgilphead Kintyre (on the way back north)
Day 11 - 20th April - To Stranraer
Day 12 - 21st April - To Carlisle
Day 13 - 22nd April - To Poulton Le Fylde (near Blackpool)
Day 14 - 23rd April - To Caernarfon (quick visit to Lifes Motors before a circuit of Anglesey) (Tea with Gott & Wynne - Barry Wynne at The Rest & Be Thankful Cafe on the Great Orme Marine Drive.
Day 15 - 24th April - To Aberporth
Day 16 - 25th April - To Port Talbot
Day 17 - 26th April - To Ilfracombe via Severn Bridge (Hope to visit Newtown Motors (Off Route)
Day 18 - 27th April - To Penzance
Day 19 - 28th April - To Paignton/Torquay Border. (Hope to visit Perrenwell Morgan)(Tea at the Dart Marina Hotel)
Day 20 - 29th April - To Fareham (my old Home Town) Berrybrook Morgan Closed on Sundays)
Day 21 - 30th April - To Dover
Day 22 -   1st May  - To Home (around South & North Kent.
There are a few other Bridge Crossings and a few River Crossing Ferries (King Harry, Fowey - Dartmouth and  Tamar)
I still need to check if there are other Dealers on the Coast Route. 
I still need to plan where to make Lunch & Rest stop on the way. Will probably do this as I go.
I hope there are no Fords lurking on the Single Track Roads.
It all sounds easy when you say it quickly. I just hope it goes reasonably well drive

My Journey Plan

Listening to the car radio one day, someone said that if you drive across North London to the coast and then turn left and keep going you would eventually arrive back at London on the South Side. Now there is an idea, says I.
Last year the Roadster 100 Register held a successful Charity Event for Help for Heroes at Waddesdon Manor but so far this year there was nothing planned.
Putting both the Idea and Fund-raising Ambition together, in April 2012, I will be making this Solo Circuit of the Coastal Roads of Britain in my Morgan Roadster 100 car and hope to raise sponsorship for the event through your kind support.

The Journey Distance is some 4690 Miles, which I intend to cover over 22 consecutive days.
Any Fund-raising achieved will all be for the 'Help for Heroes Charity', however, I will be Financing the Journey Costs myself. My H4H Reg. No. - 20120107-1473-8865

The Route I use will involve travelling the same Anti Clockwise Direction, from North London, River Thames Side, up the East Coast to John O Groats, then Across the top of Scotland, Down the West Side including Wales and Cornwall to Lands End before travelling along the South Coast and back around North Kent Coast before arriving home via South London, all using the A & B Class Coastal Roads.

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog which was originally created  to be used just to record my progress as I travelled Around Britain's Coast Roads fundraising for Help for Heroes

My Suitcase Banner

Local Fund Raising before setting off

I realised that Blogging is Fun such that this Blog has subsequently become the perfect place to keep a Photographic Record of Important Events during my life.

I hope that the many viewers who visit will enjoy seeing the photos and reading its pages

Frank Lomax