Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I have been busy printing off my A4 sized AtoZ Maps and marking the roads on them, as recommended, for ease of use. This one shows the Mull of Kintyre Peninsular, one of the few roads that I have driven before.

I used to work in a factory located in Campbeltown, on and off, over many happy years and while there regularly played golf at the wonderful Machrihanish Golf Club where I retained a non playing membership until this year. I will visit the club where I hope to be allowed to hit a couple of balls into the sea, one each in memory of my two sadly departed golf partners.

This week I also made and fitted a pair of 'Dave Welling Design' Rear Wing Chip Guards (as published in Miscellany) - or my version of them.
The photo here shows the finished item.

I also received my set of 'Remote Greasing Kit' delivered yesterday so I have to get on with fitting it to the Greasing Points. I will have to Grease the Front Suspension at least five times during the trip.

Lastly I still have to go to B&Q and buy a piece of perforated S/Steel to go under the Lower Radiator to give that some protection.

Hopefully that will be the Mog ready to go. I still have to add my H4H Decals.

I have booked two fundraising days at our local Sainsbury's, not that they will yield much extra. On Easter Saturday I will be going along to High Wycombe to support some ladies at their H4H Cake Sale on Easter Saturday. I need to get a couple of Enlarged items (Map and Press Articles) to show off my trip.

Lastly it will be the Trauma of deciding what and what not to take. I need to rig up a small line under the Passenger Side Tonneu in case I need to dry some of my smalls along the way. One night stops eliminates using the laundry.

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