Friday, 16 March 2012

A Helpful Coast Road Travelogue

I have just finished reading 'The Coast Road' by Author, Paul Gogarty.

 In 2004 Paul drove about 3000 miles in a Clockwise Direction around the coast roads of just England, skipping up the M5/6 to avoid Wales and then across from Carlisle to Berwick on Tweed to avoid Scotland.

He also took about 12 weeks against my 3 weeks to do 4690 miles making more of a holiday of his journey, partly in a car and mostly in a donated Swift Sundance G306 Motorhome.

The Book has been, and will be a useful guide to some places I will visit.

I found an extra Ferry from Fowey in Cornwall that I can use which will take a few inland miles off of my journey. I won't have the time to search out and meet characters like the many that Paul refers to along the way, but who knows?

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