Thursday, 30 January 2014

Christian Around Britain

Christian Around Britain

Sadly for me, it was only a few weeks ago that I got to learn about Cristian's Challenge for Help for Heroes. 

Pop this link into your browser top line and watch the video.

This Great Man is actually walking the whole Coastal Path of Great Britain, and not driving its roads in a comfortable Morgan Car as I did. 

He started his journey from Blackpool over 500 days ago and spends his nights sleeping in sheds and garages or any other dry place he can find.

He is fund raising for Help for Heroes and has so far collected a phenomenal £121160.00
Walking the whole British Coastline
Hello and Welcome from Walking the Whole British Coastline 

On the 8th of the 8th 2012 I am embarking on a journey which will either kill me or make me. 

I am going to walk the whole coastline of Britain non stop, which is approx a 6500 mile journey, equivalent to walking from John O Groats to Lands End seven and a half times, and will take between 18 months and 2 years to complete, I will be starting in Blackpool and finishing in Blackpool.
Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.

Donating through this page is simple, quick and secure. It is the most efficient way to give – so every donation goes further – and if you are a UK taxpayer and give Gift Aid consent you will boost your donation.

Thank you for your support.

If you can find it in your heart to support Christian's Magnificent Commitment then please make a donation here:

Christian Nock came in for a visit this afternoon when he arrived in Dunoon from Colintraive. Good to see he survived the Kyles hospitality, even if he was knackered and in desperate need of the amber nectar...
Say hello if you see him on h...See More

Photo: Christian Nock came in for a visit this afternoon when he arrived in Dunoon from Colintraive. Good to see he survived the Kyles hospitality, even if he was knackered and in desperate need of the amber nectar...
Say hello if you see him on his way round the shore to Ardentinny, Carrick, Lochgoilhead and on to Ardgartan and Arrochar.

Donate at and read his story at

I woke up cold in the disabled toilet this morning, the condensation inside had actually turned to ice. I had no motivation and had been feeling sorry for myself all morning whilst walking.
After seeing a Christian symbol 'Ichthus' on a pavement I said a little prayer to myself. A couple of minutes later I noticed Bennane Holiday Park where I could get a brew and to defrost my hands. As I was sat there sipping away the Manageress kindly offered to let me soak my feet. Not only did I get to soak my feet I had a foot and back of my calves massaged by Rebecca and Byrony. I came out of there 1000 times happier than I went in and thank you to all the staff of Pebbles Spa and Leisure.
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Go On! Support The Man and Support Help for Heroes at the same time.


Around Britain

Around Britain on a Mobility Scooter

It was only a few weeks ago that I got to learn about this Challenge using a 'Tramper' Mobility Scooter & Sleeping Trailer along with his two pet cats as passengers.

Sadly, as yet, I do not know the gentlemans name. I will add it in here once I find it.  

His Name is Mark Newton

A brief history from the Donations Website

In 1991 whilst attached to the United Nations in Cyprus I suffered a life changing injury to my right leg. In 2009 my condition had deteriorated to the point where walking was painfully difficult, it was suggested to me that I contact SSAFA to see if they are able to help, they did all the form filling and ringing around to get me a mobility scooter, 1 The Queens Dragoon Guards (my old Regiment) and The Royal British Legion came up with the money to pay for it. I was then made redundant in August 2010, instead of sitting around and doing nothing I started planning a trip 'Round Wales', this took place during May and June of 2011 and covered more than 1450 miles and raised just over £9000 for 1 The Queens Dragoon Guards, Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion.
Before even finishing that I had already started planning this trip in my mind. I added SSAFA to the list after I embarrassingly forgot them on my first trip! I added the Royal National Lifeboat Institution so that I had goals other than the end of each day, they are also in my eyes unsung heroes just as the forces are! This is still to come
I fund my trips with the little money I have left from my War Pension and the generosity of the British people and Businesses
I got my scooter on the 23 December 2009 after a lot of help from the Royal British Legion, 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards and the Army Benevolent fund. The Soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help did all the leg work and form filling for me. I have covered nearly 10000 miles in that time, quite possibly the most used mobility scooter in Britain.
I never set a target amount as I'm grateful for every penny and I'm pretty sure the charities are, I have two reasons:
1. If I don't reach the target I'll be upset.
2. If I reach the target people may think they don't need to donate anymore.

The Mobility Scooter website:

Started on April 7, 2013

Latest track update, 5660 miles in

Monday, 6 January 2014

Winter Dog Walking and Messing About in the Woods

My First for 2014.

With the UK gradually sinking under Floods and the associated Torrential Rain, our usual Dog Walking route has become a bog. So when this happens we go 'Off Road' and make our own routes through the winter woodland.

One of the features during the rainy season is that the 'Springs begin to flow once the water table reached the requisite level. The main stream of the three that appear flows rapidly depositing Thousands of Litres a day into a Pond and an Aquifer.

My wife Ann and I have made it a small diversionary project to clear the stream of the layers of leaves and branches which have fallen in. This weekend, the very heavy rain has helped us immensely by driving through the lower, deeper and inaccessible part moving the deep bank of leaves away, so its 'Job Done' for now.

Here are a few photos I took today of the result showing the underlying gravel bed.  

 Here, where one of the Boggy Footpaths crosses the source of the stream,  an extra source appears from above the Plastic Pipe.

 Looking down the hill the gravel is clear even though more leaves have found their way back in. forming zig zags.

 A Twig falls in and a small waterfall forms in no time.

 Here, Larger Water Falls are formed as the stream traverses these thicker Tree Roots.

 Some historical meandering has occured here?

 Here is our dog 'Digby' making one of his cherished daily trips along the stream

 As with most streams, this one is gathering more water as it descends the hill.

This immovable Fallen Tree forms another small waterfall with a small 'sand bed' beginning to form in front of the log.

Gathering pace now as the water moves towards the steeper incline.

 Here the water passes over the first route and under the second one. Immediately after a storm the water shoots straight over both roots.

As the incline increases the depth of the Gully also increases making access more tricky for us oldies.

Dog in the stream again.

 The Deeper Gully where the weekend storm has driven its own clearing in the bed of leaves.

Another deep drop over yet more roots.

 A Blurred shot of the remaining steep run down to the pond and Aquifer.

 The Upper Pond.

 The Upper Pond looking up hill.

The end of the line as the stream drops into the Aquifer which never gets any deeper.

Continuing on the walk we head off through the woods.

 A Dog on a Mission.

We cross over another of the less used Formal Footpaths - Looking Downhill & then Uphill.

Ann, dodging some low branches.

 A group of protective cages created by the RSPB Volunteers.

 Here is that dog again.

 This secondary stream only runs for for about 30 meters before going back into the ground.

In amongst the bracken and fallen trees. The Silver Birches here seem prone to falling over.

 Down the hill I can see the four Giant Redwoods grouped around another dry pond.

 In the middle of the woods, a Crab Apple Tree has released its fruit. 

 The third Gully with no visible water flow so far this year.

Climbing out of the deep gully. 

Among the tangle of Fallen Trees. 

 One of the many fungi examples to be found in these woods.

It is useful to be short in this environment. 

 Caught on Camera again.

 Two more Giant Redwoods 

More fallen Silver Birches. 

 One of the many numbered Bird Nesting Boxes to be seen here.

 Close to the Redwood

The soft spongy Redwood Bark 

Tunnelling in the Bushes

 Out in the meadow we meet up with Digby's sister 'Ella'

 Some 'Grandfathers Beard' coming into flower.

 More Fallen Trees, Horse Chestnuts this time.

Finally, we are back to the White Horse Inn just before Closing time for our welcome Coffee and one disgruntled Digby having his legs dried.

 Best Wishes