Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fund Raising for Help for Heroes at Sainsbury's Beaconsfield 27/3/12

I had a fantastic day today fundraising with the very generous customers at Sainsbury's Store in Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield.

Together we raised a phenomenal £243.40. The support for Help for Heroes is is so strong with many donators being appreciative of the work our troops do in these dangerous times and places, two of whom have sons who are currently serving in Afghanistan. 

The car was dressed with stickers ready for the trip and I added to suitcase and banner for authenticity of how we will appear on the journey. This attracted much interest among from everyone who passed by on the way to and from the car park.

While I will be repeating the occasion at Sainsbury's Beaconsfield on 4th April, a big thank you to the Management Team at Sainsbury's and particularly, Charities Co-ordinator Beverley Knight (herself a successful Help for Heroes fundraiser) for allowing me to be there and for making the day go so smoothly.

The best Photo of the day for me is of the lovely group of 'Fans' from the senior year at Alfriston School Beaconsfield who were also visiting the store this morning decided to surround the car and admire its beauty. The Teacher with the girls allowed me to take and post the photo.

Best Wishes

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  1. It is better to give than to receive. Let us help those fund raising campaigns to achieve their goals.