Thursday, 29 March 2012

Photoed by Wedding Photographer Peter Jones of Pretty Pictures

These photos from Wedding Photographer Peter Jones of Pretty Pictures were taken as he happened to be visiting Sainsbury's Beaconsfield while I was Fund Raising there.

The clarity of the photos form what was obviously a fantastic camera in the hands of an Excellent Professional Photographer
peter jones
01494 678616; 07754 398978

The photos have made my day and perked me up following the depression felt yesterday overt the threat of the pending Fuel Strike. I will wait until the last day before leaving before I decide to pull the plug and cancel all of my bookings. Hopefully, my faith in human nature (hopefully not misguided) will mean that I will still be going.

The car looks superb. I just love the chunkiness of those wheels.
I must send it to the Morgan Sports Car Club Magazine 'Miscellany' They normally never publish my own as 'they are not sharp enough'.

It was a great day fundraising when I collected £243.40 from the good shoppers at Sainsbury's, got a nice red glow to the face and arms, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am there again on 4th April.

 I have also been given a slot to park at The Beaconsfield Town Hall on 5th. Well ! hopefully the 'passers by' will be different people heading for The popular Waitrose Supermarket, next door.

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