Friday, 8 November 2013

The Roadster 100 Register makes it into Decembers Mog Magazine again.

In this weeks December Issue of Mog Magazine, reference to our Roadster 100 Register was made again as we made it into the magazines MORGANATICS section on page 105.

You will see small piece with my name on it about 'Morgans Take Over Brooklands', referring to the Morgans Day on October 6th.

Mog Magazine had asked me for some photos to consider and I suggested that they help them selves from my blog on here, which they have done. 

Initially I thought that they had not used any of the R100 Photos available there for some strange reason but then, with the aid of magnification I now realise that the Two Closest Mogs on the Track are the Centenary Roadster 100's of Philip Loring (No. 045) followed by that of Stephen Moore (No. 016).
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