Thursday, 10 September 2015

Our 50th Wedding Anniversary - A Quiet Celebration

On the 4th September 1965 Ann and I set out on our 50 years of building our lives together.

Here we are on the 3rd September 2015 enjoying a weekend away discovering some place we have not visited for almost as many years.

Our choice was a quiet weekend in a lovely hotel in a small visit on the coast of Chichester Harbour.
On the 4th we would be going to the Theatre to see Michael Ball taking the lead in the Musical, Mack & Mabel.

On the way to Bosham (Bozzm) we stopped off at another harbour town of Emsworth where we would have our lunch.

 Emsworth Quay

 Low tide in the Harbour under a heavy but rainless sky.

 A visitor moors alongside the Harbour Wall.

Those of you who have followed my Blog will know of my propensity for photographing Toilet Art.
This old print of Emsworth Town Centre was just too good to miss. The building under the Clock Towers had been the local cinema at one time.

 On another wall was this caricature of the Clock Tower as the Cafe where we were taking our lunch break.

 The Greenhouse Cafe.

 The Rest of the Town Centre

Lunch over we headed for our Hotel, The MillStream Hotel, Bosham. This was a hotel that we always said that we would love to stay in and after more than 40 years, here we were.  

Once the Suitcase was emptied into Drawers and Wardrobes we st of to explore the Village.

Bosham Harbour or is it a Creek? 

 At the end of the Main Street the road turns to the left to circle the edge of the creek when the tide is out. Tide In = No Road.

This information board clearly shows the network of inlets making up the structure that is Chichester Harbour.

The Falling Tide allows the Ice Cream Van to park where the water had recently been.

 This little lane runs parallel to the Harbour leading to the Sailing Club, The Church and the Harbourside Pub where we were heading.

Ever keen on a little shopping the Art Gallery window causes Ann with some distraction.

Finally reaching the Pub, a welcome Coffee for Ann and a Beer for me on the narrow terrace overlooking the creek.

 The View to the head of the creek.

The rarely taken his and hers photos in one of the South of England most pleasant places,

The Lowering Tide is revealing more of the roadway.

The Anchor Bleu Facade and Inn Sign

Continuing our tour we arrive at the Church.

Further along the road the area opens onto another creekside area with some beautifully and very expensive homes along the border.

The same stream which passes in front of our hotel

The Bosham Sailing Club buildings

The Sailing Club Jetty and Boat store.

Another Harbourside Home.

 The Church Tower above and the War Memorial below.

Another Boat Park found in a Nearby Field.

In the Churchyard is this Sundial Tribute to Eugen, Gerald Marcuse who was a pioneer in Short wave radio communications.

The Church Path back to the village.

Back at the Hotel we pause to take a few more photos 

Ann on the Footbridge.

The Stream named the Millstream after the the Hotel.

Ourselves once again.

In the Hotel Lounge for another Coffee.

More Toilet Art. This time of Sir Bryan Thwaites who founded the Millstream Forum at the hotel.

This time a series of Golfing cartoons

The next day, our anniversary day we decide to spend the afternoon exploring the shops in Chichester which happened to be during a French Market day

Walking along North Gate from one of the Main Car Parks.

Two views of the Famous Market Cross at the Junction of North, South, East and West Gates

The Magnificent Cathedral  

The Cross from the opposite side.

My other failed attempt to get the whole Cathedral into the frame.

We decided that we had enough of the shops so headed to the Village of Fishbourne and the stunning Roman Palace

Inside the building is one side of the Palace where these beautiful Mosaics have been unearthed and preserved.

It was evening now and  time to change and head back into Chichester for our evening of Dinner and Musical of Mack  and Mabel.

As we leave our restaurant the theatre opposite is beginning to fill.

We bought more coffees and took a seat in the foyer. Next we knew that the fire alarm was ringing and we all had to evacuate to the nearby park. 
Within seconds the Fire Appliance arrived and a False Alarm declared.

Finally Seated inside I take a couple of quick snaps before the curtain rises.

The Festival Theatre is 'In The Round' so all seats have a good view of the stage.

After the show we stayed until the Car Park emptied and watched the cast leaving at the Stage Door

With Photos inside Banned I took this lifesize one of Michael Ball made up as the maun Charachter Mack Sennett  

 The rest of the 'Stage door Johnnies'

The Theatre at Night.

The Theatre from the Air on this poster.

Eventually, Micheal Ball makes his appearance and is immediately surrounded by Autograph Hunters.

Full of Expectations

This very happy lady had a struggle to get to the front but she finally made it.

Our Chichester Soiree over, we head to visit my Daughters family the following morning.

There surprise for us was that we would be going to a Polo Match followed by a Pop Concert where Rod Stewart and the rest of 'The Faces' and others would be playing for the Prostate cancer Charity.

Classic Cars, Ferraris and Porches adorn the infield area,

The Stage is Set  and the Crowds Gather as the Polo Matches end.

Two Pipe Bands join together to entertain us as we wait.

 The anticipation builds around the stage.

I spend most of the afternoon supervising the football game.

The Concert eventually begins.

No leaping up and down among us Aging Rockers

The Football is taking its toll in the energy stakes.

Pitzas come to the rescue.

A Fine Line of Ferraris 

The Line up of Porches.

The Faces eventually come on and do 7 songs.

Rod Stewart in White, Ronnie Wood on Guitar to his left and Kenney Jones, who owns the Hurstwood Polo Club is on the Drums.

And thus a wonderful few days and a Very Happy Anniversary come to an end


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  1. Morning Frank. You visited some of my most favourite places in the UK.

    BTW I'm impressed at how your Blogs have developed over the past couple of years.