Sunday, 24 April 2016

Preparing For All Morgans' Day 2016

All Morgans' Day, on 3rd July this year, will be held for the first time at the Magnificent Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

The Palace and Lakes

( Previous All Morgans' Day events were held at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire but change of National Trust policy precluded holding any further Car Shows there? )

With The Duke of Marlborough and his Operation Head, Heather Carter, at Blenheim Palace being so welcoming to us this year, our Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register Founder Member David Harris had the brilliant idea of developing a Car Badge for sale to owners and Car Badge Collectors to help fundraise for our new chosen charity to support, Combat Stress, The Veterans Mental Health Charity.

We linked with Hermen Pol of Morgan Car Badges and his Colleague Car Badge Designer Tcherek Kamstra from California, United States of America came up with these two beauties.
Herman is marketing the Car Badges through his website below but will also be at Blenheim Palace selling Badges during the event.

The Green Badge is specifically for use by Members of The Register with the Car and the Border being in the Colour of The Morgan Centenary Roadster 100.

Another of our colleagues, Terry Seymour, volunteered to deal with the Rally Plaque Design and Purchase liaising with our Sponsor, Barry Wynne of Preferential Morgan Insurance Broker Gott & Wynne and Plaque Produce Jancraft Ltd.

Terry introduced both the Car Badge and the Combat Stress Logo into the design producing this years lovely colourful plaque. 

Having been impressed with the availability of a Pin Badge version of the Morgan Sports Car Clubs MOG 2015 Car Badge, Terry also came up with the idea of us having a pin badge developed for All Morgans Day. 

After some debate it was decided that we would like to give a Pin Badge with our Rally Plaque to each Morgan Owner who booked for Blenheim Palace and who made a small donation to our Combat Stress Fund. 

330 Booked Owners have so far donated £3750.00 ( April 19th ) 

We did not want the cost of anything involved with our whole fundraising activities to erode any of the donations so Terry and I decided to become the Joint Sponsors of these Pin Badges.

At the same time I was in the process of developing a Parking Plan for the event and, to cut a long story short, the outcome of all these factors encouraged us to set a Bookings Limit for the Display Places of 350 Morgans.   

Part of the Parking Plan

With the number of Display Places set we could now confirm to the Sponsors and the Manufacturers of the Rally Plaques and Pin Badges that we needed 350 of each for the event.

 ( In the meantime David Harris and I had managed to sell 18 of these Pin Badges raising additional £104.30 for our fund and the production number to 368 badges) 

Once they had been delivered to me, my last role in the preparation of these pin badges was to add a small card to each one to give each badge a better presentation when given to the owners. 

Using the same idea as used for my Badge sales I set out to print and attach 350 of these small cards.

Here are the tools and methods I used. 

 Printer, Shears, Staple Gun & Staples

 Ever keeping the cost down I found theser packs of card in a local £1 Store.

Printing Three Cards of Nine Badges would provide 27 cards and also easily allow me to cut them to size using my shears. ( I do not own a Guillotine ) 
The First Car comes off of the Printer.

Slicing Through the 'Threes'  

Finished Individual Cards and Scrap ready for the shredder. 

The Card and The Badge Pack ready for joining. 

 My Old Industrial Stapler doing its work. The Millions of Staples and Hand Squeezes that I have used with this over the 50 years I have had and used that stapler.

 Work in Progress

The Finished Set. 

And Back Into the Original Delivery Box ( I found that I would need another box twice the size for my organized packaging )

Terry is now in possession for these 350 Pin Badges ready to match each of them with a Rally Plaque to be popped into a Goody Bag being provided and donated to us by MOG Magazine.

24th April 2016

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