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Brooklands Morgan Day - 2nd October 2016

Each year around 150 morgan owners from across the country gather for a social day out at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey Uk 

Since the Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register was formed in 2010 a group of us have attended the day.

Members Chris and Rosemary Attwood, have taken on the role of our event organiser here , liaising with the team here to obtain an Identified Display Parking Area.

Brooklands Morgan Day is usually the last event in the Annual Morgan Events Calendar.

On our arrival at 10.45 the Roadster 100 line was already forming.

 Terry & Nola Seymour have been gradually selling the contents of Goody Bags, remaining from All Morgans' Day, to enhance the donations already made to Combat Stress. 

Never known to miss an opportunity, Their Frog Mog became the backdrop today for a presentation that was to prove so successful they almost sold out and made a handsome £80 in additional donations.

The Green Goddess now in position next to Frog Mog - time for a roam around. 

Now there are four of us in line.

Stephen Moore and Elizabeth arrive and reverse into their space 

By 10-45am most of the 128 Morgans had arrived and were neatly parked in Display Mode by the many Volunteer Marshals in the Brooklands Team, all perfectly organised by leader Donna Hopkins.

In front of the building is considered the prime position usually reserved for the Older or More Interesting individuals.

One of the Brooklands 'Silver Bonneted' Morgans has found its way into the line this year along with a New Aero 8 at the other end.

I have never understood the criteria for the rest of the selection here in the Club House Paddock but they all make for a colourful scene.

The Owners and visitors mingle amongst the cars ahead of the 'Grand Disappearance' when they either rush for the 'Test Hill' briefing of that much needed coffee and bun.

One of the Marshals is checking that his lines are neat. 

Two of the earlier series aero 8's with their distinctive turned in 'eyes'

I think that this lady is the Resident Photographer seen earlier taking a snap of my Badge Bar?

The view of the front of the Paddock looking back towards the Campbell Gate Entrance slope and the Starting Gate of the Test Hill.

More of the Paddock Display

The Grass Strips are reserved for the Dealerships and the Morgan Stalwarts for those early years. 

The New Three Wheeler Line is well attended again this year.

The Shark and the rest beyond the entrance gate.

Now this Gentleman is a Brooklands Marvel. He does take the occasional break but his classic music may be heard playing across the Display Arena all day.

And he just stands there all day as well.

Now we are heading through the short cut for our annual Register Coffee Meet.

Ann, being our advanced party (like, desperate for a coffee) has gathered the tables and reserved us a place.
Rosemary, Elizabeth & Stephen and Nola are 'contemplating' as well. 

I notice that Brooklands seconds as a Wedding venue only to learn that Rosemary and Chris held there reception above in the Club House. 

A passing snap of this beauty. There seems never enough time to study the exhibits during Morgan day.

This is Barbara Cartland's personal room as in her youth she was a serious 'Lady Flyer' out of the Brooklands Aero Club.

I noticed this 'Brooklands' One Arm Bandit in one of the display cases.

Old AA Signs on the wall above our seats.

Overhead is this giant model of a Sopwith Tabloid '168'

Some of our group

The rest of us minus Ann taking the snap. Myself with Stephen & Elizabeth, Terry & Nola, Hazel & Malcolm, Gerald & Mary and Rosemary (Chris is away playing in a band concert) 

One solitary 1936 'Brooklands Replica' Norton Single Cylinder 'Jap' Racer on display. 
It must be here to keep the  V Twin 'Jap' Engined Morgan Three Wheelers company.

Now. for those of you who are not aware of it, Take a Last Look.
This is the famous WW2 Wellington 'Building' Hanger which currently sits right on top of the old Brooklands Track Finishing Straight. 

It is currently Empty and is just about to be dismantles, be sent all the way to Wales for complete refurbishment to be returned later and rebuilt elsewhere on site.

The finishing straight recovery is part of a bigger project ongoing.

Contractors Fences and Notices are up and they are ready to start the Dismantling. All of those old joints to free up.

The Contents have been moves and stored in temporary buildings or around the site as space allows.

Providing lots of interest for the visitors.

Lovely old Recovery Truck. Note the Drip Tray.

The Vickers 'Vimy' ignominiously 'facing the wall' in this temporary spot.

More exhibits 'In The Dry'

Even some of the Aircraft have had to be relocated.

The 'Sultan of Brunei's VC10 dwarfs everything else in the park. 

The Viscount looks smart in the afternoon sunshine.

Windowless Hunting Cargo plane.

The chunky 'Varsity' tucked into the corner.

Concrete filled Old Aircraft Wing Parts form a border to the area in front of the old Race Track Banking of the North End of the Track.

Using Ann to show the scale of the Track 'Members Banking' and a breaking surface long past its best.

The run to the old 'Yump' bump where the bridge section over the River Wey used to be is seriously crumbling away. Only James May and his Scalextric Challenge has used this section in recent years.

The Crowded Aircraft Park taken from the 'Members Banking' 

A Peek around the Bend

The Track is now bordered by Giant Trees including these magnificent Sweet Chestnut Trees. 

As the Nut Cases fall they are delivered swiftly 'Down the Banking' to our feet ready for extracting.

The 'Members Bridge'

Looking down the hill past the Wellington Hanger one can see in the distance, the route of the original 'Brooklands Finishing Straight' as it crosses the Car Park now known as 'The Heights'

Builder Work underway preparing the location of the Wellington Hangar once it is restored.

One of the new buildings housing Aircraft Diplays, not yet open to view.

The Story of the Developments.

Artists Sketch of the final plan showing the Camouflaged Wellington Hanger in its new location. 

How the internal layout will look with the Wellington Bomber in prime position.

A lovely depiction of an early Brooklands Race Day being repeated when the project is finished.

Aircraft under construction at Brooklands during WW2.

Even Concorde has been tucked away in a corner for the time being.

Back at the Paddock, The Roadster 100's were here last year.

Outside of the Paddock, Gaps indicate that cars have begun to leave already. 

Another of the New Aero 8's makes a stunning scene.

The view to the Brooklands Control Tower & Club House 

Across the Paddock with the Curved roof of the Green Rimmed 'Bus Museum' in the background this time.

Socialising, we missed the Test Hill activities this year

Back at the Roadster 100 Line Up, some are getting ready to depart for home.

A nice full line has filled the space in front of the Old Pit Garages.

Our line sporting the Banner and our special Parking Labels along the fence.

A different view of the Clubhouse

All Roadster 100's and Pointing in the Right Direction

Up in the Clubhouse on the Balcony I get a much better view but we are too late for afternoon tea this time.

A Much Depleted Scene from the Barnes Wallis Bathroom Window,

Inside the Bathroom. Walls bedecked with Barnes Wallis Pictures. 

In my Mind's Eye I picture him lying back in the bath with a catapult, firing 'Bouncing Bomb' Ping Pong Balls towards the Dam's Twin Tower 'taps'

Another View.

The Story Far.

I hope that you have enjoyed our visit

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