Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Short Warm Up Run for the Green Goddess

I usually Warm Up the Morgan with a run out at least once a month. 

However January was missed this time as she has been languishing on her Axle Stands while I have been giving the Chassis another coating of Clear Wax-oil and Cleaning the Wire Wheels.

The Cold Weather has made this difficult to do particularly with my 73 year old muscles being susceptible to cramp at the first opportunity despite lying on my warm carpet off cut.. 

Today was another matter, with Spring Like Weather she just had to come out for an hour or so. Fortunately there were no loose items, just get those Axle Stands out and away. The Tyre's probably could have done with a puff or two of air but that would lose precious daylight.

With Parking Restrictions and Pay Car Parking al around  it is difficult to find suitable places to stop so this One Car place opposite the Old Railway Terminus in Gosport was a suitable spot to pause for a couple of photos.

The Station Buildings have now been converted into Homes.

 In 1867 the Pink House was known as Spring Garden House, The old Railway Tavern was just around the corner.

I have used this short cul de sac a few time now to try and get a decent photo of  Portsmouth Harbour but the height of the promenade just makes it impossible to achieve. 

 This angle was slightly better to show the Spinnaker & Lipstick Towers, and I can just see the roof of a White-link Car Ferry  and of one of the Gosport Passenger Ferry Boats as well as the sails of a passing Yacht.

Heading home along the coast I leave Gosport for Alverstoke via the Single Carriageway Haslar Bridge and, as often happens, the lights are changing just for me :-) 

Lastly I decided to visit Alverstoke Creek which is a quiet backwater often used by people to train in Kayak and Paddle Board use. The Road here is effected by the tide and was only passable today by entering the water so I turn back.

Disaster almost struck as I parked here because the Front Wheels dropped off of the edge of the asphalt causing the Chassis to ground. Fortunately the power of the Roadster was able to quickly pull me back and out.

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