Saturday, 10 November 2012

Another Visit to Cliveden National Trust Yesterday Dog Walking Again

Being National Trust members, having the Magnificent 'Cliveden just a few miles from home makes it a superb place to visit.

When we go Dog Walking there, the 4.5 Miles Woodland Walk circuit is more than ample for a Walk. With most of the elongated property running alongside of the River Thames it is possible to make half of the walk alongside the river bank.

 On the Thames Riverside Path looking North towards Cliveden House, just visible in the distance.

 Looking South downriver towards Maidenhead.

However, the parallel path at the top of the Hanging Woodland  allows you to stay on level ground where there are two magnificent viewpoints allowing clear views across the Thames towards Maidenhead and Marlow. 

Here are some of the places we use during a walk. Unfortunately, having a dog with us does prevent us going into the Formal Garden areas or near to the Big House.

The Top Path running parallel to the Riverside.

Exposed Roots on the Hanging Woods.

A Deep Chalk Cave on one of the steep paths from the Riverside

Within the Woods them selves there are some magnificent trees including a group of Giant Sequioa, if you know where to look. As these Giant Redwoods grow these must be relatively young.
 Sorry about my head in the way as I try to photograph upwards.

 This Tree Stump Carving reminds me of a Scottish Soldier now that someone has added the Feathers.

 The building of this recent Stockade in the woods has added a new interest for Children and Adults alike. 

A Meeting Area Inside of the Stockade

Another new Dining Area outside of the Stockade - Notice the place in the tree stump to place your camera for Timer Photos.

The Rear Side of the Stockade from the Dining Area.

One of the Two Fir Tree Circles near to the Jogging Trail 

The Large Angel Rock introduced for Jubilee Year

The wide Roadway through the Firs Plantation

One of the Excercise Position Indicator Boards.

The second of the two Fir Tree Circles

The Pole Climbing Excercise.

Looking Southwards down the Green Carriage Drive

Looking Northwards along the Green Drive to where the Entrance Drive meets the Ticket Booth - Dog Water Bowl usually available.

Cliveden House through the trees

It is still difficult to see the House

Some of the many trees laden with Mistletoe Berries

The Gazebo in the Japanese Water Garden undergoing renovation.

More of the Water Garden forbidden to Dog Walkers

The Warning Notices found all around the Formal Areas.

The Entrance to the Recently Recovered Ancient Maize - No Access with a Dog, so have yet to go in.

Digby waiting patiently outside of the Washroom Block

The 'Tree Trunk' Chimney in the Services Yard. In the background is a Cinema Room where a loop film plays showing of the History of Cliveden and the famous Astor Family

Inside the Forge building.

The Information Booth in the Main Car Park

The National Trust Shop on the left and the Car Park Snack Bar.

The Snack Bar where we purchase a welcome coffee before heading for Home - More Dog Water Bowls available here.

Cliveden is a lovely place to visit, with our without a dog. The House Hotel is beautiful with its history of the Astors and the Infamouse Profumo Affair -

Highly recommended.

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