Monday, 5 November 2012

Could not get to Brooklands this Half Term.

Our two grandsons have been occupying or days during the whole of last week. Every morning before breakfast the youngest, who loves Trains and Cars, requests that we set up the Brio Set into a track. It is amazing how many variations can be made from such a few pieces.

On Friday the cars took precedence so out track was modeled on the original Racing Track at Brooklands where recently we attended the annual Morgans Day. Here are a few photos of our track layout

A section of the Original Track with the narrow Test Hill in the foreground 

 Everything is out of scale but my grandson just loved it.
 One Morgan on the Test Hill and two in the Clubhouse Paddock.

 The Members Bridge uses some 'Brio Licence' - it should be straight.
 The Railway is a little short due to lack of track

 OK, Its not the correct Oval but it is Brio!

The block in the foreground is the Wellington Hanger, ant the Clubhouse is a little Church like.

The Pits Building looks a little like a station Platform, but Hey!, it is all we had. {;-)

The Brio is back in its box again but the Brooklands Track and Museum are still there and just waiting for a visit. For those with plenty of time, go back across the bridge to the car park and make a visit to Mercedes World for a modern take on motoring.

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