Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Teddy Seen Loitering in Hedgerley

While out Dog Walking I noticed this Giant Teddy waiting for Santa outside of the Large Manor House in Hedgerley Village, Bucks.

It has been raining Cats and Dogs recently but he persists in waiting there day by day. I tried to get a little closer but this was the best I could do. He seems to be focusing on something in the garden?

During a later visit I realised that I could get a better cheeky photo through the front gate 

I just hope that he is given a warm welcome when someone eventually lets him in! 

Our Dog Walking Attire recently has been essentially Head to Toe Waterproofs, if not that elegant. Ann will give me some grief for posting this one!

Back in Beaconsfield I popped into the Waitrose Store via the car Park door and there was this magnificent Christmas Tree.

When I arrived home with Digby from our walking trip, he adopted his strange but now usual sitting position where he can see through the front door's top window.

It is Christmas Eve now and time to relax for the next few days, like heck! There will be plenty to do and lots of time playing with the Grandsons as they enjoy their new gifts.

A Very Happy Christmas to all of my Blog Readers Everywhere.
May your 2013 be a Happy and Healthy one. 
Thank you for reading.

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