Thursday, 13 December 2012

Frosty Dog Walking at Hedgerly Green Bucks.

The cold weather this week has made previously impassable walking routes passable again with frozen buggy paths made so by Horse Riders, Mountain Bikers and Dozens of Dog Walkers like ourselves.

So this week we visited Hedgerley Green Again only to find that the Three Large Ponds were frozen over making for a very pretty vista.

The village is a lovely area, sadly now very close to the M40 cut through to the North (top Right Corner here).

Dog Walking at this time of the year is a real pleasure to be out and about in the Country Side.

Here are some photos taken there.

 Heading for Hedgerley Green along the path from Hedgerley Village Church (Bottom Right above).

 The Old Farm Complex of Manor Farm.

Pond 1.

 Pond 2.

 Pond 3. and the another part of Manor Farms buildings 

Pond 3 from the other Wapseys Lane side looking towards Manor Farm again.

I hope you enjoy sharing my Dog Walking Venues.

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