Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Dog in the Mog Visiting our Morgan Supplier and 'Lady Astor's Gardens at Cliveden.

Mogged Out as we arrived home.

With this fabulous weather, I would rather be somewhere on Holiday, but instead I was able to take a short run in the Morgan with Digby our Dog.

He is not that keen on motoring in any shape or form but has become quite a fan of the Morgan with the roof down and lots of fresh air, if warm air today.

So  the Mog was ignominiously 'Dragged' from the garage, 'de hooded' and Digby was shackled in his car harness and his water bottle and collapsible dish in my cool bag, loaded into the car. we set off for SGT.   

As is often the case, parking is difficult at this busy dealership with their multiple brands on offer.

 Looking much more 'Well Organsied and User Friendly' is the SGT Morgan Showroom.

I was only just in time to catch Julian Cutts,  SGTs Morgan Specialist and Dedicated Owner / Driver. Julian is a veritable mine of Morgan news and information about the latest models & developments at the Morgan Factory. Great Stuff worth of a visit for an update. 

It was Julian who named our Mog 'The Green Goddess'

I had already met Selwyn Harris (Taff) the Morgan Engineer to say hello but Taff was as always busy and needed to get on with his work.

Lady 'Nancy' Astor's initials on one of the Cliveden Internal Gates

Then it was Off to Cliveden, the old home of Lord and Lady Astor and the infamous 'Profumo Affair'

Arrival Point, about a half mile from the Car Parks, where you are guaranteed to get a warm welcome from the Volunteers there. 

The Cliveden Estate Map looking north from the River Thames

The Green Goddess parked in the shade at Cliveden - Hood Up and Locked for security as we would be gone for a good while.

 One of the NT Landrovers. I was able to have a conversation with its driver about the Clunky Gear changes with the new 6 speed gearbox which seems to be a feature. They Rattle and Roll a lot as well.

Setting Off on our walk with Digby making the way.

Here we are setting off down one of the many woodland paths. This one leads to the Riverside, but we are not going that far today as it is so warm. 

The Statue of George, The 2nd Duke of Sutherland who had Cliveden built. Lord Astor had him moved to this remote location here miles from the house, but at least he is looking back at it?

 Another of the Estate Route Guides.

 The view to the south towards Maidenhead and west towards Marlow across the River Thames from one of the high Riverside Viewpoints

The Ornate Log Seat opposite the Viewpoint where the weary walker can rest the old legs.

In its Shelter below the statute, is this enormous slice of Sequioa (Giant Redwood) which Lord Astor shipped from America as a bet. It took 16 Horses to pull the wagon through the estate to get it to here. Sadly, there is always some idiot visitor who cannot resist defacing these old objects.

Another view north along the river using zoom which just caught the cruiser going out of shot by the time I found the river in the distance.

Heading back along another avenue of young trees.

Looking to the South and then the North along the Green Drive which was a old carriage drive from Cliveden towards the Bath Road at Taplow. 

One of Cliveden's latest projects is the revival of The Round Garden which is an old Orchard stll containing some of the original trees.

Another of the Log Seats which made a welcome seat for us to take a break

The path back to the Car Parking area passes through the dividing gate between the Formal Areas and the Woodland Walk. Then it passes the lovely Japanese Water Garden.

This little Rockery and Bridge forms the overflow outlet to the Water Garden Lake.

 The Fountain in the large lake.

One view of the ornate Gazebo and a low lying Wisteria plant

Another view across the Lake to the Gazebo showing on of the three stepping stone bridges.  

 A View of the entrance to the new Maze.

 The Walled Garden Car Park is just ahead.

 Just had to take this beautiful Azalea 

We with a dog are not allowed into the formal gardens or the area around the house so this is a zoom shot of the famous fountain installed by Lord Astor after moving the statue of George into the woods.

 Here we are heading home after a lovely afternoon and walk at Cliveden. The only downside to the afternoon was me leaving Digby's black retractable lead, where I hooked the handle over a metal bar while I sorted out the car's hood.

P.S By Way of an Update - We Visited the Cliveden Shop today on another matter and on leaving, we  spotted the Retractable Lead on the Metal Bar just where I left it. So all is well in the 'Dog House'

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