Monday, 10 June 2013

The Sun Came Out and so did the Wild Deer

At the weekend, while out dog walking in a local meadow, we were privileged to be in close proximity to a young stag who was more interested in his feeding on the lush grass than running away from us or our dog.

 Spotted in the distance as we approach.

 Are they looking at Me!

 I'll just carry on eating and maybe they will go away.

 Oh Dear! They are getting closer.

 I'll just stand here and watch where they are going.

He keeps taking photos. I had better smile and polish my new antlers for this one

The wild flowers are in abundance

If you squint for the next few snaps you can just about see a Roe Deer in the centre with her young fawn. It cannot have been more than a few days old and just stood there with Mum who was feeding in the meadow.  Oh for having a decent camera with me rather than just my mobile phone.

Now they have spotted us and slowly walk away towards the cover of the woodland

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