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Rear Suspension Shock Absorber Bracket Failure Mentioned on Talk Morgan

Faulty Rear Axle Shock Absorber Mounting.

This Important Topic has recently been discussed on Talk Morgan (Sert 2013) The photos her speak for themselves. The plate concerned is one that holds the lower connection of the Rear Dampers.

Following my visit to the Morgan Factory on Monday 9th September 2013 I can report that the Mounting is now much stronger with Even Thicker Steel being used to form the plates.

 Broken Lower Shock Absorber Mounting. Type as fitted to the Roadster 100.

 One from a Pre 2006 Roadster

Photo of My offside Mounting (difficult to get at with the camera - Impossible to see with my head)
I suspected a small crack below the left side fixing bolt head but on closer inspection it was the top edge of the fixing bolt head that I could see?

The Latest Version in close up. 

The Rear Axle Offside Set Up on a Roadster

It is worth checking your own car particularly if the car has covered considerable mileage. Ours has covered 12500 miles so far.

Here are some comments posted by members on Talk Morgan about the issue and its cause?

" I doubt it's caused by damper resistance, because the bend is away from the back plate". 

" Having given it some thought I think it's more likely due to axle wind up when accelerating hard".

" Without anti-tramp bars the lower bracket will resist axle rotation once the slack in the bush is taken up, and a bump in the road will really put a heavy shock through it."

" The picture of the one which has split vertically seems to support this theory."

" A washer under the bolt head will distribute the load more evenly."

" It's not uncommon to find the underside of a bolt is not smooth so would cause points of high stress."

" Of course, as there isn't much space, a washer might not fit, but even a cut down washer ought to be better than none."

" PS: Part numbers at Melvyn Rutters:

" SUS76L - Rear shock absorber mounting LH cars with BTR axle.
" SUS76R - Rear shock absorber mounting RH cars with BTR axle.

" LH is £31.29 plus VAT
" RH is £30.85 plus VAT

" The original Rutherford Engineering kit as fitted to Woodstock use a new lower spring plate as the wheel end shock absorber mount. Plenty of metal there and I'd be very surprised if anyone has ever broken one. "

" The Rutherford kit, which was available long before the factory started fitting telescopics at the rear uses just that. 
You get a modified lower plate for the axle 'U' bolts. Never heard of any trouble with that and some pretty hairy competition Mogs had them." (See Below)

" The factory one is dreadful and I can see the stresses that will have lead to this problem." 

" Apart from using a very superior metal for the plate, no real answer and from a design/engineering point of view, dreadful on several scores."

New Elms Morgan Rutherford Engineering Alternative Systems

Does your Morgan:-

  • Bottom out when laden?

  • Feel vague when cornering and braking?

  • Not give you confidence when driven fast?

If “Yes!” – then a Rutherford modification could be the answer!

New Elms can supply a variety of kits to upgrade your
Morgan whatever the age.

In 2010 New Elms acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute the legendary 

Rutherford Engineering range of suspension and chassis upgrade kits and to 

distribute Rutherford/AVO adjustable Morgan shock absorbers.

Dave Rutherford became part of Morgan folklore back in the 1970’s designing and 

developing the necessary modifications to convert a Morgan from lever-arm rear 

shock absorbers to TELESCOPICS and was also a pioneer in the development of 


Most of these innovations were later imitated by the Morgan Factory

and incorporated in later cars.

 Some Rutherford Examples:-

Rear Telescopic Shock Absorber Bolt-On Bracket Conversion Kit 4 Seater (R0030)-

  Comprising: Bolt-On Side Brackets, "U" Bolt Plates and Fastenings

* Rear Telescopic Shock Absorber Bolt-On Bracket Conversion Kit 2 Seater (R0029)-

Comprising: Bolt-On Side Brackets, Angled Cross Brace, "U" Bolt Plates and 


* Alternative Axle Brackets for our Tubular Rear Telescopic Shock Absorber 

Conversion Kits (R0034/R0035)- To suit 4/4, +4 and +8

* Scuttle Roll Bar Kit for Narrow Chassis Pre 1970 4/4 and Plus 4 (R0026)-

   Others available for Post 1970 Models and Plus 8

* Examples of Rutherford/AVO and Koni Shock Absorbers-

* Brake/Torque Reaction Bars (R0003) and Negative Camber Plates (R0001)

I hope that Morgan Traditional Car Owners who read this blog, but are not 
' Talk Morgan ' Members, find this information useful.


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