Monday, 30 September 2013

On Sunday The Woodside Morris Men visited the White Horse Inn at Hedgerley

Autumn in Hedgerley sees the changing of the Seasons in more than one or two noticeable ways. One being the sudden introduction of three Beautiful British White Cows from the City of London's 'Burnham Beeches' estate to the Parish Councils meadow just behind the pub. 

This Winter Holiday visit gives them some fresh pasture as well as helping to enrich the soil and treading in the Wild Flower seeds to enhance the beauty of the meadow in the spring.

Sunday was also the last day of the Woodside Morris Men from Watford's Summer program of Dance sessions.

This last event too place at the White Horse Inn at Hedgerley, Bucks and we were fortunate enough to be there to watch their programme lasting one and a half hours.

A Copy of the Seasons Programme

 They wear a colourful outfit with these cross braces and wooden badges 

 One of the Three Accordion Musicians 

One of the Colourful Straw Hats.

The Dancing was located in front of the old White Horse Inn

 The group has 7 Dances with Sticks and 4 with Hankies.

Some of the Dancers 'Wags' (their name) enjoying the sunshine and lunch. 

 One of the new members apparently arrived without his kit.

Lively Dancing with Sticks 

 The Musicians

Part of one of the Hankie Dances.

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