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Morgans Day 2013 at the Brooklands Museum - Sunday 6th October.

I have just noticed that some of my Blog Readers have been looking at my 2012 Brooklands Morgans Day Blog this week. 

I had better get on with it and post my comments and photos on todays 2013 Event.

For us, Brooklands Morgan Day is that last event of the year and one of the most enjoyable. 
It is not for what we do when we are there, it is the pleasure we get from the venue and the chance to meet with friends in a most relaxing environment. 
We tend to save our exploring of the exhibits to another day. Being members we are able to visit anytime (however, in reality, we have only managed one visit a year for the last two years).

This year being preoccupied with trying to get information on the days event timings, I missed the 'bleedin obvious' and did not read the notice on the Brooklands website which said.

Lots of Morgans are expected for this annual event, Test Hill will be in action from 3:00pm and a Cavalcade will be taking place on the Mercedes-Benz World circuit from 1:15 to 2:00pm. Please note that spaces for the Cavalcade are limited, registration is on the day between 10:15 and 11:15 - No pre-booking, so make sure you turn up early to avoid disappointment. '

Despite having taken our dog to his minders for two nights we still did not leave home until 10.15 so missed the chance of joining in with the Cavalcade, a new feature, and had to watch from the side lines. We only just arrived in time to meet with the other members of the Roadster 100 Register for coffee at the pre planned time of 11.00 am.

The Brooklands Events Team had provided our special parking area with individual cards

One I had erected our own Registers Banner, I took a couple of photos of our magnificent line up of eight R100s and made a dash for the cafe.

 The Full Line of Roadster 100's

Our Magnificent Banner in place for the day. 

 Car No.007 was the last in the series to be fitted with Wing Lamps before The Morgan Motor Company withdrew adding them as standard.

Ann chatting with R100 owners Stephen Moore and our days organiser, Chris Atwood. 

Coffee over we all went our separate ways with Stephen going to get briefed for the Cavalcade and Chris had to leave early this year.
Ann & I decided to make take a slow walk across the Bridge over the River Way to Mecedes World where the Cavalvade would be taking place using their test track.
On the way I took a few photos of the other Morgans parked around the Paddock. 
 Inside this fenced are tend to be the older and in some way Special cars.

 A Close Study of the construction of Chris Booth's fabulous replica of the HFS Morgan's 1909's original Morgan prototype. (corrected thanks to Martyn Culling of Talk Morgan)

Our friends Bill & Kate's Roadster.

 An interesting mix of the Cars and the Brooklands Clubhouse and Tower with the old Pits Sheds on the left as these cars are all parked on what used to be the finishing Straight of the original Race Track.

 The R100's taken from the tail of the line.

We arrived at the track only to be told we were half an hour too early. Having never been inside Mercedes Benz World , now was our opportunity to have a short exploration.

 The iconic building from the outside.

 The Skid Pan at the head of the Test Track was in use.

 One of the features inside is this small track and electric cars for the young children. 

 The boys waiting for the lights to change to Green.

 A Mercedes Supercar

A piece of Mercedes History.

 We headed up this magnificent escalator to quickly explore the two upper floors

Driving the tracks using this line of simulator pods.

The Star exhibit for me is this magnificent exploded Formula 1 Car where every part is hanging adjacent to its partner on these myriad of  polyester threads  

A close up of a part of the engine and gearbox with every separate gog and washer in line.

 The Formula 1 display.

 One of the first ever Mercs.

While inside I collected a copy of the Day's Programme

As may be seen, it is an extensive program to keep potential customers there all day. There is a cafe on the ground floor and the famous Gullwing Restaurant on the Top Floor.

 Before the Morgan Cavalcade, we were to be treated to a driving display by the team of four 'Silver Arrows'

 Burning Rubber with some Doughnuts.

 Dancing on the Skid Pan. with the magnificent Brooklands Hotel in the background.

 And,  suddenly the Cavalcade arrived to line up and wait their turn to use the track. The 'Batmobile' is the result of a Design Collaboration between Tailor Timothy Everest and Tattoo Artist Horiyoshi lll and the Morgan Motor Company.'

The next two cars brought by Richard Thorne Morgans are two of the Limited Edition of 50 Brooklands Morgan Roadsters. 

I almost missed the photo of the first of the New Three Wheelers

 The cars make there way around the old track to gain entrance to the Mercedes Test Track.

 The first of the Roadster 100's is the car of Malcom & Hazel Mattheson

 Next was Talk Morgan Buddy John Hayes in his +4

 Here is the first of the three Le Mans 62's here today in full TOK 258 kit driven by Register Owners Keith and Rita Hofgartner.

Two more Roadster 100's led by Philip and Linda Loring, followed closely by Steven Moore who was solo today as wife Liz is laid low with a cold. 

 Philip and Linda


For me, the star of the day was Chris Booth driving his hand built Replica of the the first Morgan Three Wheeler.

I have never made a visit but Chris has a Morgan Museum in the Kent town of Rolvenden. located at  63 - 67 High Street, Rolvenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 4LP where he has a super collection of Three Wheelers.

 The Cavalcade heading around the track.

 50 Morgans take a long time to get onto the track to begin their 7 circuits.

 Chris heading along at his own pace. with Steering Tiller in hand.

 There is John again.
 Thames Valley Centre Friends Ian and Estelle Sollen in their beautiful 4/4 

Does'nt the Le Mans 62 look great on the track with the Roadster 100's following up at the rear.

Here are the rest of my pics of that part of the day.

 After a couple of laps Chris decided to rest his Pride & Joy and return to the Paddock.

We decided to return to the Museum area and have our lunch, during which time I took a couple of internal pics. 

 One of the Aviation Display Rooms

As a lover of the Austin 7, this one would be perfect in my ownership. 

Meanwhile back in the Paddock Area the cars had returned to their display areas and the Test Hill was open.

 One of the +8 Le Mans 62 cars waits for the signal to race up the hill.

 The returning cars queue for a second run.

Mashalling the sequencing is Brooklands Event Coordinator Donna Hopton.

 Here is that Three Wheeler again about to race up the hill. That is the way to get the best out of the day.

Outside of the BP Petrol Station these two seemed to be waiting for the Paparazzi to arrive?

It was time for us to leave for home so just a quick stroll around the hangers to see Concorde.

 The new position allowed me to take the famous Brooklands wall & The 'Droop Snoop' at the same time.

 And there she is in all her Past Glory. This one was used to train the Pilots in her flying days.
 The old Flight Booking Office and the Brooklands Wall.

 The Concorde Experience Tours were going well as one group were exiting and the next group arriving. 

 Back at the Paddock we pass the Harrier Jump Jet and the Shell Garage.

 The Cafe entrance under the Conference and Briefings room.

 Chris Booth's Display with Mrs Booth positioned behind the F Series.

 The Saxophonist who dutifully plays traditional music for us all afternoon.

The Motor Museum Sheds opposite our display area.

And so another wonderful Brooklands Morgans Day comes to an end for another year. It is our most favourite formal event and we look forward to being able to come along again next October when hopefully we will arrive in time to participate in the Cavalcade.

A Big Thank You to Donna Hopton and the whole team at Brooklands Museum for giving is such another special day.


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