Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Every Classic Car Owners Dread.

It was a Glorious Sunny Day so the covers had to come off and take the Green Goddess taken out for a lovely Top Down Warm Up Run.

The Garage has been a bit of a storage area so before I could get to the Mog I had to remove a loosely gathered rain cover used for our Jag. The shower of small pieces of cover which blew all over the drive was the tell tale. 


Removing the Mogs cover there was no damage so I thought that all must be well.

It was as I folded the Hood down that I noticed -  a few Peanuts on the drive behind the car

A Close Examination of the whole car told me that they have been in the Engine Bay, but no nest found.

I was just getting ready and making my last checks before driving away that I asked myself, where did those Peanuts come from.

Then I noticed the Nearside Exhaust Pipe!

The Question for your Trivia Quiz is ' How Many Peanuts can a Mouse Store in a Morgan Roadster Tail Pipe? I let you count them yourselves.

And the Mice? I wonder where they are as I never found them on returning home. 

Did I drop them off somewhere in South Buckinghamshire? or Whooo. Are they still lurking in the Garage???

Bye the way, There is not a Peanut or speck of Bird Seed anywhere in the Garage, NOW!


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