Sunday, 16 March 2014

Running the Mog to Oakley Court Hotel

Oakley Court Hotel Run

I have posted here before that one of my favorite Morgan Warm Up Runs Out is to visit Oakley Court Hotel on the River Thames on the A308 between Maidenhead and Windsor. It was a glorious sunny day and following our dog walk and late lunch it was going to be driving into the low sunlight. Too low to take photos into the sun

Some of the area that I would be driving in was largely under water a few weeks ago as the Thames burst its banks producing the worst floods this century.

On arrival at the hotel, I noticed that The Large Driftwood Horse Sculpture located in front of the Main Entrance had been changed for a Magnificent Leaping Stag.

I parked the Mog in the Car Parking area nearby and ordered a Coffee for consumption in the garden by the river. I complemented the waiter on the pattern in the Chocolate powder and asked what was the significance of the Stag. 

Oakley Court has a New Private Owner who has chosen the Stag as their logo.

While sitting in the Garden I took a few photos of the Large Sequoia Redwood Trees and the Building.

Back in the Car I headed out of the Hotel, passing the 9 Hole Mini Golf Course before turning towards Windsor for the Run Home via Datchet and Eton.

 The Hotel Drive

 There is a Mini Golf Course there somewhere?

An empty A road on this Sunny Sunday Afternoon - Where is everyone?

 Crawling into Windsor

 Leaving Heathrow for places far away?

 One of the infamous converted ex military Amphibious DUKW River Trip vehicles. One or two of these have been in the news for sinking?? -

 My first view of a part of Windsor Castle

 People in the Park doing what I wonder?

Driving along the River Bank

 More of Windsor Castle set up on its hill. to my right just behind the car is a site which both surprised and disappointed me. A line of three Fish & Chip & Burger Cafes with outside seating, creating a scene of the worst kind for our tourists. The stench of Fried Food was overpowering. (Notice the Lad carrying his pack of probably Fried Chips )  

This was the best snap shot that I could get of the Whole Castle while moving. (always with a lamp post) so here are a couple of photos from the internet and some interesting history about the Flags which appear on the Tower.

An old Black & White image showing the magnitude of Windsor Castle

 The next few photos are of the road between Windsor and Datchet. This road was closed being  under water for much of the last few weeks during the recent floods

At Runnymede

 The banking to the right is the side of the hill of the Castle

 I tried to catch a shot of a pleasure cruiser just about to go under the bridge ahead but the shutter delay on the camera resulted in just a small piece of  its superstructure. 

 The riverside to the east is mostly beautiful parkland with riverside walks stretching all the way to Runnymede and the M25, all being a part of the Thameside Footpath.

Just entering Datchet I turn left - The road to Runnymede continues along the riverside where part the Windsor Estate can be seen on the opposite bank. This whole are and the Village was also flooded.

 Heading into Datchet and just about to cross the Railway Lines which take the trains into one of Windsor's Two Railway Stations from London . The Rail Tracks always give the Mog a good shaking.
It is alway worth nipping along here to get across before the barriers are lowered as it is always a very long wait if you have to stop.

 Datchet Village Centre, normally Gridlocked with Car Commuters during weekdays rush hours.

 Just arriving on the outskirts of Eton with a part of the Famous Colledge ahead.

The Old Buildings and Dormitories or 'Houses' give the roads a narrow feeling. 

 Part of the Beautiful Chapel Building. I took this shot while waiting at the traffic lights only to be spotted by a group of Chinese Tourists. Out came their Cameras so The Green Goddess will be famous again in all parts east.  

 I headed down through the High Street to the dead end where a FootBridge crosses the River back to Windsor allowing visitors to enjoy both locations.

At the road end sadly, my photo of the bridge and the castle at Windsor is blurred. I turn right here around the one way system and head home.

 A small Ornate Catholic Chapel resides in the back streets 

 Heading north, a different view of the High Street.

The College Chapel

Leaving Eton I head across the flood plains of Eton Wick through the bridges leading to Windsors second Railway Station on the line from Slough.

Now the sun would be full in my face so no more photos as I drive the road of many Speed Humps where interestingly, Morgan Dealership SGT took me for my first ever 'Morgan Test Drive'

I hope that you enjoyed my short journey

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