Saturday, 12 April 2014

Our Weekend Visit to Hampshire

Saturday 7th was the day we would travel south to our old Growing Up area of South Hampshire. The occasion was the Golden Wedding Anniversary Party for Ann's cousin Mary & Husband Derek.

With the usual uncertainty with our weather, All three cars were given a thorough clean on Friday, but we really wanted to go in the Morgan.

On Saturday morning, Digby Dog was taken to his minders and we decided to 'Bite the Bullet' and pack the Mog. If only we knew! I decided to travel Hood Up to protect the flowers we were taking for Ann's Aunt. Only a few miles into the trip, the heavens opened and down came the Rain. Rain which would cause us to cancel or room for Sunday night and come home a day early.

We arrived at the Hotel where we were both staying and as usual, there was a wedding celebration in progress and the Car Park was full.

By the time we got the Rain Cover on the hood was saturated anyway. Not only were we jammed in this tight spot up on the roots of the nearby tree, but in my keenness to lift the hood an extract our bags, I sheared off a Tenex Stud. 

 The De Vere 'New Place' was originally a Management School so the House only contains the restaurant, function rooms and meeting suits. The accommodation is separate and we needed large umbrellas to keep our party wear dry.

 By now we were regretting bringing the Morgan

Having cancelled our room it was Sunday after breakfast that we set off for a drive down to the beach and our old Stomping Ground of Hill Head & Lee on the Solent.

Arriving here at Hill Head I was actually making a Three Point Turn here when we decided to stop for a coffee from Anns Flask. The second Sods Law disaster occurred when I opened my door to step out for some Sea Air.

The wind was so strong that the door whipped back and ripped the Stainless Steel Door Check from the door. One screw ripped out and the second stayed in but the washer and bracket just pulled itself over the head. 

Fortunately the Tread Rubbers on the Running Board prevented damage to Door and Bonnet. 

This map gives an indication of where were are on the Solent Shore opposite the Isle of White. 
It proved to be a popular location with Surf Kite Boarders. There were 24 of them on the sea when I counted.

 Across the road from the beach is the Marsh and Bird Sanctuary of Titchfield Haven

 Some of the Kite Surf Boarders benefiting from the shallow waters as the Tide ebbes - Southampton Water is subjected to an unusual 4 tides a day. Something to do with the Isle of White.

  The White Horses on the sea in the background give a little indication of how strong the wind is. The next Squall can bee seen heading our way so there is no chance of the Hood being lowered. Ann is staying inside, at least until nature calls.  

The Morgan still seems reasonably clean. By the end of the day it would carry a skin of Mud.

 More Kites visible nearer to Hill Head itself.

It is time to go and head for home. Being National Trust members we decide to travel back on the country lanes and head for Hinton Ampner House to take lunch there.

 Hinton Ampner is famous for its gardens throughout the seasons.

 Looking back down the Main Drive to to house

 We were heading for a visit to the house when we spotted the notice at the Main Door. 'Closed' due to damage to the roof in the recent storms.  
So the best we were going to get was a round about walk in the gardens and Lunch in the restaurant converted from the Garages.

 On a Clear Day the view from here is fantastic. Its not bad today but spoilt by the misty rain.

 Statue and Sheep, at Lambing time were we saw three youngsters getting their first taste of of a Wet Springtime. 

 The Courtyard Garden Raised Beds with the Shop in the background.

 The Estate Church is not owned by the National Trust.

 The Sculptured Yew Hedge hides a boring building,

 Well Trimmed Box Hedging on the way to Church.

 'Smarter than the Average Scarecrow, Boo Boo!'

 Interesting almost Triple Daffoldils

 'A Tree for All Time' will have seen the history of Hinton Ampner evolving.

 Wet and Cold we climb aboard to head for home. The complications as yet to dog our journey once more as a few mile along our chosen route there is the 'Road Closed' sign. How do we get around this one with only muddy single tracks all around us. 
We decided to press on hoping the problem had gone away. Then came the first full flood across the road. We crawl through that one but the Closed Barrier at Farringdon was still in place.

We made a circuit of the extremely narrow country lanes to the east, only to arrive back where we started half an hour later. One more try turning left took us out of the area back onto another know route so we made our way unhindered and happy to get home again.

One week later and parts delivered the Mog is repaired cleaned and polished ready for the first Car Show of my Season at Cliveden NT on Sunday 13th. (Hopefully)


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