Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunday was Classic Car Day at Cliveden, National Trust, Buckinghamshire

'Classic Car Day at Cliveden'

Wow! What a Fantastic Day, with endless sunshine and large crowds of visitors showing a keen interest in the extensive range of cars from Vintage to Modern Jaguar Super Cars. The Display opened at 10am but it was 11.45 before I arrived. 

The main drive was almost full using both sides as the excellent group of Marshalls directed me to my slot on the North Side. Since my last visit, the Drive has been re laid with white pebbles producing a Mediterranean appearance and heightening the deep colours of the highly polished cars      . 

 The Main Drive looking towards the Magnificent Fountain.

 Looking towards the House, cars are still arriving. I estimate that over 150 cars eventually presented themselves.

My knowledge of the cars on show is limited therefore I do not intend here to try and describe them in detail as I am bound to get them wrong.

 This delicious pair of MGs caught my immediate attention to the delight of any Morgan Owner, I am sure.

 Further down the drive I spot another MG parked alongside this Early series Land Rover.

 And yet another later model MG in Ivory.

 The Mid drive view towards the house is a log jam of visitors and enthusiastic owners mingling and talking 'Cars'

A visit to Clivedon would not be complete without a photo of the stunning fountain, taken off centre to avoid more photographers to my right.

 The only Daimler SP250 on show being a 1961 2litre V8 (read off of the windscreen card) 

 The Lady Owner of this stunning E type has a set of the Cleanest Chrome Wires on show. 

 I am not sure about this one. It may be a Renault?

Triumph and Morris Minor 1000  

 While some visitors like to look inside, Presentation is spoilt by the Bonnet Up  

Two More Triumphs and the only Yellow car n show.

 The Jaguar Owners were here in force with these two stunning examples.

 And another group of Triumphs on the opposite side of the drive.

 A beautiful Aston Martin DB6 only needed Mr Bond to complete the picture.

 These two members of the Morris Register probably arrive together.

 A lovely version of the Baby Austin A40 with a nice array of Car Badges below.

A large group of Triumph TR6's make a colourful display.

I just love these cars and this Sunbeam is no exception  

I would love to own a Bull Nose Morris and I particularly like the unusual solid wheels

This beautiful Two Tone Ford Tourer, with its yellow wheels, has a Canadian badge on the side of the bonnet. Could it be the car or the owner that is from Canada.

Getting close to mid afternoon and the crowds of visitors are still showing interest.

The Green Goddess has received her fair share of interest during the day. 

 I just keep going back to the old MG's for another close inspection.

 It is good to see this Morris Tourer with its hood down.

 I am not sure if this Mk 111 Austin Healey 3000 is in British Racing Green but it is in lovely condition

 I dont know the make of this car but it does have a Star of David as its radiator Badge.

 The Bentley takes up a lot of drive width. 

 An early Leaver in his stunning Jaguar.

 It is time for me to go and find some lunch, which may not be easy on such a busy day - The crowds here are not thinking of their stomachs like me.

 Walking towards Cliveden House, which is now a very expensive Hotel with just a few rooms available for public viewing on selected days. I must make a visit there one of these days 

 Now, These three ladies were happy to be photographed having taken the trouble to dress for the day in the style of the era of their cars which included the Bull Nose Morris. 

The Orangery Coffee Shop had plenty of seats for me to take my Coffee and Salmon & Gerking Sandwich.

 One of the Paths to the woodland and the road down to the River Thames.

 The East Wing of the House.

Looking back towards that Orangery Restaurant 

 The beautifully restored Cliveden Clock Tower which Chimes the Quarters. I hope it does not keep the Guests awake? In the garden behind a wall to the right is the swimming pool made famous during the Profumo Affair.

 You would need to be a High Earner to purchase one of these large Urns. There is great faith in the fixing of the base?

 Two more views of the East Wing as I head for the Terrace.

This beautiful and magnificently broad Terrace has been recently restored.

 The neatly manicured Parterre Garden with its gorgeous Spring Plantings all in bloom.

The very ornate Dove Cote

Lunch over, I continue my viewing of the cars, beginning with this stunning MGB 

This much cherished Hillman Imp is in excellent condition

Of this pair of Fabulous Jaguars I cannot help but love the Blue Two Tone

I am sure that this one would be just as stunning with a good Wash & Polish. The New Pebbles were making everything dusty.

An unusual colour for this E Type in the Body Shape I prefer, of the 'Hard Tops'

The Morris 12 is in fine form 

I was amazed, at the artistic skill of the man and his daughter doing line drawings of these cars. Both were using Fine Line ink pens so not chance of alteration.

Discussing his work with the car's owner.

The Ladies in Period Dress are sitting behind the Morris.

Extreme Concentration in practise.

The Sunbeam is the subject of the Daughters Drawing.

Originally I was not going to include these young Jaguar Super Cars, but then I thought myself a little hypocritical, having a 5 year old Morgan on display. 

Somehow this Jaguar SS100 replica is not quite right and maybe the Headlights are too large.

A Real Version of the SS100 (Swallow Sidecars)

Another Cherished MGB. or is it a C?

The show is due to end by 4pm but the interest from the visitors is maintained all day.

Sitting having my Instant Coffee I noticed the pattern through the windscreen of  the Rover. This beautiful Button Quilted Plush Roof must have been a costly extra. 

The MGB owners were getting ready to head home leaving me just enough time to get these shots

Compared to our Morgan the interior is just lovely.

My Neighbors John & Georgie are relatively new to Classic Cars with their stunning BMW 5 series

Having exposed leaf springs on the rear of the Morgan I am envious of this seat on the old Sunbeam

As I have packed away the seat and table, I cannot resist a Photo of the Mog.

Heading up the drive to do a U turn Left to return on the side drive towards the exit. The dust is clear on the Bonnet and Wings.

Having left the estate I head downhill to Wooburn Green

Over the River Wye before my Right Turn to climb the hill back into Beaconsfield.
The camera is put away until the next trip out.

I hope that you enjoyed the photos,


  1. The only thing I could like about looking at cars is learning about their history. Other than that, The only thing I see is what color they are. I would rather walk around town looking at all the other sites. From your pictures in between the car shots, the town looks beautiful with lots of scenery.

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

    1. Hello Diana, Than You for your interest in the Blog. That is the beauty of holding a Car Show at a Large Country House. There is plenty for the visitors and the car owners to see and do without even looking at the cars. Our next All Morgans' Day will be held at Blenheim Palace on 3rd July where we will be fundraising for Combat Stress, The Veterans Mental Health Charity. We have over 320 Morgan Cars of all models booked to on display and enjoy the venue. Blenheim is massive with fabulous gardens and the Palace itself to visit with just a nod to the owners as you pass the array of Morgans of all types, colours and ages. We have already received donations of over £3500. Best Wishes, Frank