Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New Tyres Needed for The Green Goddess

This Weekend we are hoping to get to Harrogate Yorkshire for the MOG 2014 Morgan Sports Car Club Rally. While checking the Mog a week ago I noticed a Very Deep Cut in one of the Rear Tyres. 

Living where we do, it is handy to know that The Morgan Wire Wheel Suppliers MWS are based only about 11 miles away in Langley Bucks so I asked them to order two new Rear Tyres for me and then to fit them, being the specialists.

So yesterday 12th I set off for a 9am fitting. So here is the Mog, Pulled out of the Garage, Hood Down and a rare event for me, the Tonneau fitted. I fitted the Tonneau because I had arrange to go to the Pub after the fitting and wait there for my wife Ann to finish the Dog Walk and have our Morning Coffee together in the Pub at the end of the Trail.

As  I drove through our town I took these photos to show the chaos and expense being caused by some convoluted system of bricked areas and raised pedestrian crossings, all supposed to make it safer for Local Cyclist Commuters to travel to the Railway Station. 

Only time will tell the effect on Traffic Flows at the same time.

On arrival at MWS I could see that it was a very modern and well organised operation.

The MWS Logo on their Reception wall. The Fitting Bay Notice on the outside wall.

The MOG nicely reversed into the MWS Fitting Bay with their Tyre Fitting Specialist working away on the Wheel Balancing Machines in the background. 

I waited in the Reception Area with a welcome Coffee and Browsing the Magazines provided, Including one from a mystery Car Club Magazine called 'Big End' for a group called GCCG,.

I later discovered GCCG stands for the Gay Classic Car Group.

While there, I took the opportunity to photograph some of the exhibits on show. 

 The Reception Counter.

 Two examples of the Wheel Types in Chrome and in Stainless Steel.

The Iconic Lady Diana 

The Close Up shot of this wheel will have relevance later in this story. 

It shows that there are two methods used on Wire Wheels to seal them for use with Tubeless Tyres. 
One method uses a strip of Rubber boned to the rim. This method uses a 'Painted on and Cured' band of a Rubber Mastic.

The Mog was ready for me to collect and on the way past the Loading Bay I notice this stack of Blockley Vintage Styles Tyres.

Her she is ready to go.

One of the New Avon ZV5's needing a touch of Wall Dressing sometime soon.

The journey back to that Pub takes me through some lovely woodlands alongside Black Park and Stoke Common, Bucks

I popped into the Londis Shop in Hedgerley Village to buy a newspaper and to deliver a 'Grandads Lottery Card' for fundraising during their up and coming Help for Heroes Spitfire Fly Past and Fun Day on the August Bank Holiday Monday

Next I drove down into the Old Village to the White Horse Inn where I had hoped to find Ann.

I was far too early and the pub was not open yet so I needed to set off for home before she left to come here.

 Showing off The Green Goddess and there is no one there to see her. 


I had cause to go into the garage later that evening only to notice that both Tyres were a Flat as a Pancake. 

I reinflated them but in the morning they were flat once more so a quick call was made and a further re flation of both wheels befor making a dash back to Langley.

The problem was caused on my wheels by the layer of Rubber Mastic being far too thin. During the fitting of the tyres a small area over the spokes had 'Peeled Back' leaving air to escape throgh the spoke hole.

This is easily repairable by MWS but the mastic requires 48 hours to cure and we need the Mog to go to the Harrogate MOG on Friday. 

MWS without quibble fitted two brand new wheels under warranty so that I was able to proceed without any further inconvenience.  

I will be taking my Tyre Inflator with me this weekend.

Had I gone to another Tyre Supplier, I would have been in trouble now. Well Done MWS for super Customer Service and worth making the journey there for Tyres in the Future. 

A Well Covered Mastic Band

A Wide Morgan Wheel Roadster with Offset Double Rows of Spokes

My route home today took me past the famous Pinewood Film Studios where the James Bond movies are made, so I had to make a stop at the Old Gates for a photo on the way past.

 The now unused Old Main Gates are too difficult for modern transport.

 The Main Gates with some Studio buildings in the background.


This topic was to have one more Sting in its Tale.

We had a great weekend in Harrogate at the MOG 2014 there, and a lovely journey home over the Yorkshire Hills.

 Coffee & Cake on Holme Moss.

On arrival at home I checked the New Tyre pressures just for good measure and received a shock to find that the Left Rear had only 14psi Pressure instead of the 24psi I use.

I reinflated it and checked again in the morning and it was going down again. I made a new appointment at MWS and set off to have it checked once more.

This is what they found. A Large Cross Head Screw had driven itself deep into the tyre somewhere on our journey.

They put their Special Tyre Gauge on it, which indicated if the hole is in a Repairable Area and, with Sods Law Prevailing once more, it was not so I needed to buy yet another new tyre (after only 500 miles.) and come back a week later to have it fitted.

All in all this proved to be a very expensive tale.


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