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I Have Just Finished Posting a Week of 'Positives' on Facebook

Frank William Lomax

I Have Just Finished Posting a Week of 'Positives' on Facebook

The idea is that someone you know nominates you to post 'Three Positives' every day for a week. The posting can only be read by your list of friends if the choose to read them.

So, Just for a change, I have decided to post my Daily Positives here for you to read, along with the comments Friends have made about them.

At the end of the week you are expected to nominate a/some friends who can continue the process for the delight of their friends to read (including you).

Photo from my Facebook Profile taken on my 1st Birthday.

Day 1 July 17th 2014

So what were my first three positives of yesterday????

1. I positively accepted the challenge given to me by Sue Wolstenholme, to participate. Hopefully I will have enough Positives to get through the week..

2. I have finally found a 'Paintless Dent Remover' who is prepared to come and take a look at the aftermath of the Mogs Altercation with Grandads Portable Radio and my irresponsible Suitcase Bungee.

3. I managed to complete a tedious freelance job, even in the searing heat of my small workroom, just so that I can get it into the Mondays post delivery, on Saturday.

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Day 2 July 18th 2014 
  • Today began with the Massive Thunderstorm which caused Digby Dog to keep us awake for most of the night. How can one feel positive after that.

  • 1. This Morning our neighbours wife, dressed for Summer, popped in to say that she was off on holiday on the Train just as the Thunder & Rain returned. I was very positive inviting her to ride in my car to the station, for which she was very pleased.

  • 2. Despite having the shock of a Thunderclap right over my head, I still managed to put the 3 Bins out, nice and neatly and still got to my Haircut Appointment on time and fill Anns car up with diesel, all in the same journey .
  • 3. Difficult and life changing decisions needed to to made by today, so, Ideas were proposed and generally agreed, Then I managed to catch the Solicitor for a quick discussion to confirm that we are taking the right steps. Now we can relax again until it starts all over again on Monday!

    • Day 3 July 19th 2014 
    • Well Day 3 hasn't gone too badly. Being positive is harder work than I imagined.

    • 1. After another sleepless doggy night (thunder) I was up early to get to the Post office to post my parcel so that it arrives a the business on Monday. It is so good of Waitrose to let me Park the Car, Buy some Newspapers and Take home a lovely Free Latte to have with my Breakfast.

    • 2. Even though the sky was overcast the heat here was searing in temperature as the Humidity rockets after last nights rain. But off we go for our Dog Walk complete with my Newmarket Mog Goody Cool Bag complete with Bottle of Water and Drinks Bowl and Doggy Raincoat (not needed). Keeping to the woods it was cooler than expected so we made it back to the White Horse Pub for our Coffee & Crisps.
    • 3. Even though it is still steaming at 5.00, the Lawns need to be cut. I try and do them on a weekday so as not to make loads of noise at the weekend, However, this afternoon, a neighbour has Noisy Gardeners in so, two hours with the Hand Mower and Edge Trimmer and its done for another week, before the next batch of Thunderstorms arrive this evening. 

    • Phew!

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    • Day 4 July 20th 2014 

    • Well, Day 4 is done with not that much going on today. At least the heat has reduced for a while and the Dog Walk was more comfortable. The Pub was really busy being Sunday which is great for a small family owned country pub.

    • 1. My first afternoon task was to paint or side Wrought Iron Gate with a new coat of black paint. A fiddly job what with preparation and then trying to find the Tin of pain in my Reorganised Shed Muddle. Needless to say, it looks renewed and I needed lots of work with the White Spirit to look less like a Newcastle Supporter.
    • 2. Prepared the Mog for a visit today (hopefully) by a Paintless Dent Removal Specialist, who will hopefully be able to remove my 3 dents and 1 ding to bring the Mog back to perfection?????
    • 3. I am always on hand when Ann is Clipping Shrubs and Hedges to be the one at the Top of the Step Ladder reaching those awkward places. I stopped cutting the Large hedges after taking a header into my neighbours garden once. But today my task was completed without any falls.

      • Day 5 July 21th 2014 

    • Day 5 was a stay at home day for me due to the planned visit of Derek the Paintless Dent Removal Man who was due to visit anytime.

    • 1. Decided to give the Jag a much needed clean. It does not get much use these days and I was amazed how much Sahara sand had been deposited on same. It took two really intense shampoo sessions to get it all off and it now has its beautiful 'Shine' back.

    • 2.Derek arrived with his bag of special tools. I had removed the Luggage rack and Spare Wheel to give him plenty of Access. The Nearside Rear wheel Spinner was loosened ready to remove the wheel.
    • After much fiddling dent one was smooth, but Dent two proved to unnerve him when he realised the difficulty of working aluminium rather than the usual steel. 
    • Despite my help, he gave up leaving me with two not fixed. He said goodbye with no charge. So what do you do when faced with an expensive bill, you have a go yourself. 
    • Dent three is now fixed and dent two much improved (I will have to have that completed elsewhere.)
    • 3. It was now 7pm by which time the Mog was put back together, given a beautiful wash and polish. Two of Five wheels cleaned. and the Garage (carpeted) given a good vacuum. I was done in from the 'stress' and all of the ups & down & bending. Roadster wheels weigh a 'ton'.
    • No time left to be positive about anything else.

    • Day 6 July 22nd 2014 

    • Day 6. What a tiring day. Had to drive down to the Hampshire Coast (80m each way) and had to take the dog so drove in Anns Defender this time. Traffic was really heavy in both directions and so hot. Thankful that the Landi has Air Con, being young. Positives are not that Brill today, but spent most of the time driving.

    • 1. I volunteered to do the driving which I really enjoyed being up in the sky being able to 'eyeball' the Truckers. She nips along with the best of them. No slouch, this one.
    • 2. We decided to have lunch on the beach overlooking Cowes on the IoW, which was a big mistake as it was hotter there than elsewhere and we were not equipped. 
    • Doggy was not happy at all so I held the Golf Umbrella over him to give him shade just long enough for us to eat our sarnies and go. 
    • We found a local park to give him a nice walk in the shade where we should have gone to in the first place..
    • 3. I made an unusual, for us, stop on the way home at a lovely wayside Inn where we had a well earned coffee break (no hard stuff while driving) and Digby Dog had a nice cool laze in the shade.
    • That was our day as the rest of the evening was taken mostly in the Land of Nod.

    • Day 7 July 23nd 2014
    Day 7. Everything about today was '####' and difficult to find much positive at all. 
  • I stayed at home missing the Country Dog Walk to wait in for someone who never turned up. 
  • Ann later informed me that one of last years pages (the one with the date on) was mixed with this years, thus I have to repeat the whole thing again next week. Senior Moment? another blooming 'Mystery' more like!.

    1. My 'office' has become that last resting place for most of the 'Clutter' being sorted for recycling. At about 1cwt per bag, todays 'paper' sack full must bring the total recycled to nearly 3/4 Ton so far. The shredder is working overtime in addition but that all goes in the composter.
  • 2. I refound 3 pairs of new shoes not yet worn!! so spent the day in one pair to try and 'break them in' now just have to decide which pair to throw out. That won't be easy, either.

    3. Spent more time than most days making lots of phone calls, needed to make a massive change to our 'Life Changing Decisions', inspiring some, and upsetting others. Its difficult to tread on glass without breaking some.

    Sue Wolstenholme, I assume that this is my last day of scratching around for my 'Positives' and therefore need to nominate someone else to have a go?

    As you Ladies seem to have much more interesting days, I will nominate 3 of you on the basis that 1 of you Sarah WarnTracy CharlesPenny Day may be interested in keeping up this challenge and have the time to post about each of your 7 days before nominating your friends to keep the process rolling.  

    By the way, I will still be here digging my way out of this clutter for quite some time.

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      • Sarah Warn I hope I can come up with some positives after an interesting start to the hols 1- squashed my new designer sunglasses, 2 - Jacob left the freezer door open all night (good job the bin men came today, 3 - I hadn't realised Wills had chosen a rum filled lolly and just stopped myself before opening it ( drunk child could have been interesting) !!!
      • Frank William Lomax Rum Filled Lolly ! ? The Mind Boggles - Leah could be interested in your recipe ?? Blackcurrant Vodka in Ice Glasses was nice in the 'Ice Bar.' Stockholm. 
      • Jack White Join the club!
      • Tracy Charles Mine will never ever be as interesting as yours Frank William Lomax lol but I'll try from tomorrow !! Gulp ... Lol
      • Sue Wolstenholme Hi Frank. Yes it is the last one  Well done you as it does seem harder for the males to do it.
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  • All that is left to edit on the day of this Blog.

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