Saturday, 12 July 2014

Absolute Frustration - Then - A Very Pleasant 63 Miles around the Chilterns.

When your other half loses the interest in the Morgan it, in my case, becomes difficult to use the car for 'Meaningful Days Out. Needles to say, in the last 7 weeks today is only the second time the Mog and I have been out for a run together.

After our Waddesdon All Morgans' Day, where I had to donate my Register Car Badge, today I was able to attach a Brand New Badge.

My Car Badge on our Presentation Plaque to Steve Morris which now sits on his Trophy Desk

Steve Morris's Trophy Table at the Morgan Motor Company, Malvern.

Now the Mog is fully dressed once more.

A good shot of the Tread Pattern on the 'Avons'

Today was a very hot, sunny and sultry Saturday Morning in South Bucks but by mid afternoon the sun had given way to clouds but the heat remained. Determined to go out for a drive a donned the Sun Glasses, just in case and set off to make a circular tour around the Chiltern Villages.

Running into Marlow.

 My route took me from Beaconsfield Old Town to Marlow via Wooburn Green & Bourne End. I usually take a detour to drive across the old Suspension Bridge at Marlow but it was Closed today for repairs so I headed into town along the main road. Fortunately, traffic is light today and not the usual log jam.
 The Diversion Sign is for the Bridge Traffic making its way into the main shopping area. I will be turning right at the War Memorial ahead.

 I managed to snap the Shopping High Street, with its post Regatta Bunting still in place, as I swing right to take the road to Henley.

 Heading out of Marlow to follow the River Thames towards Henley

 On the way through the village of Medmenham, on the left, is a very rare stretch of Thatched Wall 

 Just entering Henley, I have to take a sharp right at the sign posts, avoiding a very slow trip around the one way system.

 I have always found the next stretch of road intriguing as it is bordered by some very large Georgian houses before widening into a long straight avenue of trees stretching for over a mile. 

 Here I am mid way along the Avenue looking ahead above and looking behind, below.

 The Village of Nettlebed. 

Just after here is the village of Nuffield on the way to Wallingford. As I raced downhill along a Duel Carriageway I noticed a sign for Nuffield Place. Too Late I realised that I had missed the opportunity to visit the new National Trust home of Lord Nuffield, founder of The Morris Motor Company and eventually The British Motor Corporation (BMC) located in Oxford.

 Here is my turning onto the road to Watlington and onto Princes Risborough

The Junction near the Airfield at RAF Benson where I take a wrong turning.

I was not supposed to be visiting Ewelme

A pretty road with a stream running in the ditch on my right.

A left turn at the Village Pond would take me back onto the Watlington road.

Eventually I am driving into Watlington.

The narrow streets here with its roadside parking make for a slow traverse. 

The Old Market Cross with its Ornate Sundial above.

 The Cherry Tree Pub as I pass through the Village of Chinnor.

 As I approached the roundabout at the western end of Princes Risborough I noticed the High Visibility Jackets and the Bunting and realised that it was Carnival Day closing the Shopping area.

 I am turning left here towards Aylesbury heading for the village of Cadsden where I plan to stop for Coffee.

 Finding this Monster Steam Roller in the Pub Car Park I just had to park next to it for a photo, even if it was covered.

This must be the travelling Water Supply

The Ornate 'Invicta' Headset Casting. 

A good place to hide.

I visited the Plough in a previous Blog. I know that it is a good place to get a nice Cappuccino and use the facilities. Today it was very quiet as most of the Locals are probably at the Carnival in Princes Risborough.

 As I wait for my Coffee to brew I spot a fine array of Double Barrel Shotguns adorning the wall.

 The last time I was here there was no room to swing a cat. Popular with our PM as we are close to 'Chequers' here.

 Coffee finished I am ready for the run home via Great Missenden, Hazlemere and Penn.

Goodbye Plough. I now have to make a tight right up a steep hill where the road crosses the Ridgeway Path.

 The architecture at this end of Great Missenden is more Georgian than the rest of the Village. With HS2 planned to travel through this area, one wonders what the effect will be on these homes. 

This is the typical style in the main shopping street. 

 Sadly this village centre pub is boarded up.

 Just outside of the Village is the Nags Head which is very popular with people from far and wide.

 This crossroads junction at Hazlemere has two Fuel Stations side by side. Esso & Shell. The competition between them provides the cheapest fuel for miles around.

 Traversing the Double Mini Roundabouts can be tricky during busy periods.

 The next village is Penn, next to Tylers Green. One of those areas where a Penn address is often added to Tylers Green. Everyone must want to be associated with the history of William Penn. 

The Village Pond is a popular venue for gathering of both Ducks and Fishermen.

 I was hoping to get a clear photo of Slades Garage as I passed by but, needless to say, this fellow insisted of riding in the centre of our lane on the Left Hand bend.
Slades Garage is kept in the traditional style of the 1940's and is stuffed full of Classic Cars. They tend to have a few Astons and Ferraris.

 A Very Poor shot of Holy Trinity Church, Penn which along with the Green and the surrounding homes, has an interesting history.

 The War Memorial located were the village Stocks used to stand. The Telephone Box has been Listed.
The Attached Cottage is on the market for £725k

Home at last as I enter Beaconsfield. 63 miles covered and a Frustration sated. 

I hope you enjoyed the journey

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  1. Frank,
    I did enjoy the journey, but am very sorry that your lovely wife has decided she has had enough. It's so much more enjoyable when you can share the Morgan experience with someone.
    However, to a degree I can best friend, a Yorkshire Accountant, thinks that Helen and I are masochists when it comes to the Morgan!!!!
    Chris Gleave