Saturday, 27 September 2014

I Finally Drove the Morgan for the First Time in Just Over a Month

I have come to the conclusion that I am either Very Patient or have just Capitulated to others Priorities.

I actually waited until today for my First Mog Drive since the Gas Company Blocked our Drive.

Having had so many problems with my new tyres I first checked the pressures and then off I went.

I only did a 27 mile round trip in the time available, which seems to be my average recently. 

I usually head for the same Hotel alongside the Thames and being a Saturday, today, there was a fair chance that there would be a Wedding Reception in process, which there was.

So here she is, The Green Goddess, ready to go. 

Parked next to 'Managements' Pride & Joy. ( I need a 'step ladder' to wash that one ).  

Once again, I head for Maidenhead via the Village of Cookham. 

Here we are crossing the bridge over the River Thames into the village. 

Side shots when driving never really come off. 

Here I am trying to photograph the church. Sorry about the misty photos? Does something need cleaning, I ask myself? 

 This view along the river towards Bourne End was a quick Snap as we drove along the bridge.

Across the junction withing Cookham Village we can see the old Chapel which is the Art Gallery featuring works by famous War Artist, Stanley Spencer.

Another passing 'Side Snap' of Cookham Main Street with is shops and restaurants.

Heading along the road from Cookham to Maidenhead Riverside.

Approaching the pretty Boulters Lock on the Thames. 

It never ceases to amaze me how people get away with Parking Camper Vans on the Footpath right in front of the lock.

 I drove slowly so that I could get this shot of the Lock and the Bridge to the Island Restaurant.'s Lock

Just beyond the lock is the holding area for Boats waiting to go through the lock. 

Into the Sun. 

 I just knew that this tree would get in the way of the cruise traveling towards me. 
It seems that they always do!

The Short Cut to Water Oakley and the Oakley Court Hotel takes me through the Village of Bray. 

Right next to the Cricket Ground, and overlooking it, is the home of Celebrity and Cricket Fan, Michael Parkinson.

Over the Speed Hump and into the Village Centre where Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal, had his The Fat Duck is located.  

Through the narrow Exit road and over a Second Speed Hump (to be taken very carefully) 

An 'Only Just' shot of the old Jesus Hospital Alms Houses.

There is the Second Speed Hump in front which I forgot about and gave it a hefty thump. It is like climbing a low wall going over these things

It is not far from Bray to my destination, The Oakley Court Hotel. As I expected, there was a Wedding Reception in Progress so  the Parking Areas where full.  

Before deciding what to do I reversed in the, now smaller, Main Entrance Turning Circle and parked to take this photo.

At this point, one of the reception security men popped out to tell me that I could not park here. When I explained that I was only stopping there to take a photograph, he decided to join in and took the next few photos for me.

Unfortunately, he also decided to take this one while I am removing my Cap

 Posing again. Unfortunately that new cycle shed in the background spoils the vista.

The Oakley Court Main Entrance and Deer. I am standing awkwardly, while trying to hide my cap. 

One fortunate outcome of the photo session was that he then offered me one ot their Chained off Reserved Parking slots so that I could go in for a coffee in the Gardens by the river, which was very kind.

Making my way to a deck chair, coffee in hand I came across this beautiful, new to me, 'Driftwood Sculpture' of a Trotting Foal.

While sitting there I caught sight of the Bride & Groom making their way to have their customary  'Riverside Photos'  taken. The Groom looked splendid in his Kilt. 

One of the reasons I love going to Oakley Court are the fond memories of our own daughters wedding reception held there 10 years ago.

Taken in the Oakley Court gardens. Hubby Matt is the tallone in the middle wearing the Carnation. Unfortunately our river shot is in the official album. 

 Much time was spent with the preparation and dress adjustment. 

I had to chuckle when he asked them to assume a 'Kissing Pose' and then walked off to get his cameras. 

They held that pose for ages, obviously enjoying every moment of it.

The timing could not have been better for them as this Paddle Steamer Pleasure Cruiser passed by. 
As soon as the passengers spotted the couple they gave a hearty round of applause, calling over with their good wishes.  

The Very Happy Couple.

Having finished my coffee, I set off to inspect the plumbing before leaving. 

The Al Fresco Restaurant was full and nothing to do with the wedding. 

It is a very popular hotel, it seems. 

One last photo of the Hotel as I pull out of my parking slot.

Back through Bray in the other direction. This time I can just catch a shot of the Church.

Taking a different route home through the village of Taplow and up the short winding hill climb there.

I slow down to almost a stop to take this passing shot of part of the lovely Taplow Court House, which is now a Buddhist Retreat. 

Being on a High Spot their gardens have a fine view over the Thames Valley and Maidenhead.

Back at Home.

The Mog is here, undergoing a Fast Cool Down before she goes back into our Small garage.


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  1. Lovely story and pictures as usual. You put me to shame. I'll write another post when I've something to write about!!! Possibly next week when we spend our 48th annniversary at 'The Gold Rill' , Grasmere and Helen wants to go in the Mog, weather permitting.
    Chris Gleave