Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sunday 5th October was The 2014 Brooklands Morgan Day

Iconic Brooklands on Morgan Day with a Brooklands Morgan passing by

Every year since our founding the Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register, a group of us have attended this excellent Morgan Gathering in the Home of British Motor Racing.

Following the Sterling Efforts of Member Chris Attwood to Gather Roadster 100 Owners us at this Years Brooklands Morgan Day Today (Sunday 5th October 2014) Five of us Regulars made it on what was a beautiful Sunny Day.

The only ODD THING, if one can call it that, about today is that were were located away from our usual pre booked area, to a spot behind the Old Garages where none of the other Morgan Owners could see us? 

As a Brooklands Club Member, I will aim to establish from the Brooklands Team why this was?

A friend has since suggested that, being on the route from the Main Visitors Entrance, we were in a Privileged Position. 

 Our Parking Place at this end of the line, in front of the Old Garages once used by the Motor Racing Teams. This building is now one of the Main Museum buildings.

Taken by the Official Brooklands Photographer.

 Our Registers Founder Member, David Harris, exchanged his Roadster 100 for this beautiful Zuralic Red Roadster after it being displayed at one our All Morgans' Day Events.
We Call his car No. 000 and he sports our Car Badge carrying that number.

Also taken by the Official Brooklands Photographer

The View from the other direction towards the Entrance Block. 

 Heading for the Cafeteria we turn the corner and there is the Fabulous Brooklands Club House.

 Passing the Side Door, This is the interior of part of those Garages 

 At the side of the Club House is the beginning of the full Morgan Parking area.

 On our left, a Club Member has been allowed to park his 'Royale' in front of the BP Garage.

 Wife Ann & Elizabeth buying us a welcome Coffee.

We alway gather at 11.30 am for a Meet & Greet Coffee before dispersing over the museum area. 
Here are some of our group, David, Barry, Elizabeth, Stephen and Ann enjoying the Sunshine.

 Some of us Lads decide to take a short walk around the Aircraft Parking area - This BAC 1/11 looks smart. 

 David takes the opportunity to sell an idea to todays organizer Chris.

 The rear of the Clubhouse, well maintained.

 The Brooklands Wall.

 This Concorde, where one may take an 'experience' simulated flight, is too long for one photo.

Here is the Other Half.

 This building has recently been converted into a Theatre.

 The Theatre shows old films of the Vintage Motor Racing on the Brooklands Banked Track.

 Tea Towels are available depicting the Full Brooklands Track

 In the distance here, Behind the London Bus Museum Building you can see a section of the original Brooklands Racetrack Banking 

Another New Exhibit is this group of Emergency Vehicles with the Teams resting waiting for a Shout. 

 More of the old aircraft are Parked around the front of the Club House and will be seen in some of the next few photos.

 Part of the event for the last two years has been for a limited number of Morgans to drive the Test Track of the Mercedes World. 

The cavalcade from last years event.

Here below, this years cars are forming up ready to drive their few circuits. 

We just never get to Brooklands early enough to be among the Chosen and Register. 

 This shed is devoted to the replica Avroplane.

 The Cavalcade waits to be allowed to exit the site.

 More Aircraft next to the Avro Shed.

 This Mog appears to have Aircraft Tendencies, needing to Spread its Wings. 

 Showing Off the Clubhouse from the Entrance Road.

 Backing onto 'The Height' Members Car Park.

This Series 1 Aero 8 heading this line up.

 On the Clubhouse Balcony this Saxophonist plays for us most of the day with hardly any encouragement from the passing visitors. 

 His view of the world below

Taking a well earned break.

 A Stunning Matchless Engined Three Wheeler.

A Brooklands Roadster and Plus 4 Special  

 This Lime Green is of an Acquired Taste but the Aero next to it was absolutely Stunning.

 The Burger Bar must be a recent addition to the facilities on offer.

 Quite a Stunning M3W recent Three Wheeler. I just wish that someone had spotted that awful black Air Filter cover and redesigned it.

 The Harrier Jet and the WW2 Wellington Hanger make a perfect backdrop to these two lovely Morgans.

 A Jap Engined Aero Three Wheeler was one of the stars for me.

The Malcolm Campbell Sheds for the Main Museum buildings.

As Members, Ann and I decided to visit the Clubhouse Bar to take a sandwich lunch, however it was too busy as usual so we decided to go to the cafeteria. Our route back took us along the corridor.

 Recently refurbished 

 An excellent depiction of a Race Day at Brooklands.

 The Racetrack in action driven Clockwise.

On the Ground Floor of the Clubhouse there are a few exhibits. 

A lovely line of Vintage Motorcycles.

 After lunch we spotted this version of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' had replaced the 'Royale'

 The Line Up of Morgans had almost stretched to the rear of the Clubhouse.

Next we decided to make a tour of the Museum Sheds to see if there were any new exhibits. 

These are the ones I photographed.

 Love this Aston Martin

 Two Morgans.

The Bentley 

 Childrens Corner

 Fabulous Lagonda

 Model of the Railton Special and the old Daily Herald Trophy

 Racing Motorcycles

Brough Superior & Sidecar.

 Back at our cars, Stephen had been told to move due to being in front of  an Emergency Exit

David & barry had left for their long drive back to The Cotswolds. 

This  Late Visiting Member had parked along side us. 

In the Sheds opposite us are the Racing Cars. Normally there is also a F1 Simulator there for you to try a circuit of the old Brooklands Track 

 Back at the Main Display Area, the Sun is going down and Owners are thinking of going home. 

 The Famous Test Hill

 Donna Hopton and her Team of Marshals are taking a well earned break having completed the Test Hill Runs.

 We make one last circuit of the displays before having a Green Tea in the Club Bar.

There are more Trikes here than when we came past earlier today.

 I had not realised that local Morgan Dealership, Bell & Coleville, had two cars here. Then I spotted Talk Morgan member Peter Jenks chatting to a lady who I then discovered is Brooklands Bulletin Editor Diana Willows discussing this new Morgan +8 Speedster.

 I then spotted Chitty giving rides around the Old Pits Garages.

 In the Old Pits Garages are parked the Specials Vehicles used to give Test Hill Rides during the School Holidays.

 In the Old Days this area was on the Track Finishing Straight and will soon be the subject of a Museum Race Track Revival Project.

While having tea on the Balcony I spotted this opportunity to photograph a Morgan from above. 

As 'Chitty' and her passengers give us a wave as they head for home, we say our farewells to Brooklands Morgan Day for another year.

I hope that you enjoyed our tour.


  1. Excellent as usual.
    Chris Gleave

  2. Frank,
    What a super selection of photos. For elegance I go for the Royal, for charisma I choose the Jap engined Aero and finally for sheer exhilaration I shall take the Minty Green Plus 8 with the gorgeous minimalist windscreen.