Monday, 27 October 2014

I had to Visit Terminal 4 Heathrow Airport Today !

Visiting Heathrow Today

Every so often I travel to Heathrow to deliver and collect my Son from his travels, usually to the Magnificent New Terminal 5.

It is a long time since I last visited Terminal 4 so was Pleasantly Surprised to find that since my last visit, Etihad Airline, from Abu Dhabi, have built a Fabulous Display on the Entry / Exit  Roundabout.

Here I am swinging onto the Infamous M25 from the M4 Motorway with a good clue above that I am getting close to my destination.

Ahead I can see the regular Anticlockwise queue but fortunately, as a visitor to either T4 or T5, I just need to get over to the Nearside Lane Slip Road and cruise past the queue. 

Ahead, as I turn into the Terminal 4 Slip Road, I spy the target of my Camera.

Ahead is the Magnificent Facade of the Hilton Hotel, designed by the Manser Practise, and my Etihad Display, better Photographed from the Exit Road.

On the way out, I managed to take this shot (Cropped) which shows the display in all of its splendour.

At risk of a Knuckle Rapping, as I traversed the Roundabout I managed to get two more close shots, this one into the Sun. 

Just before entering the slip road I manage to take just one last shot of the display from the rear.

I cribbed the next two shots from the internet to show how Fab they look in the dark. 

Those of you like me, who travelled weekly from Terminal 1, entered from the North Side will remember seeing the superb British Airways Concorde Model reaching for the sky as you entered the tunnel under the runways.

 The Concorde Model at Heathrow.

When it was removed from Heathrow it was temporarily relocated to the Brooklands Museum at Weybridge Surrey.

 Also at Brooklands, a Full Size Concorde may also be visited

The Model may now be seen as you travel into the Mercedes World / Brooklands Museum Visitor Entrance of the Brooklands Site.

Back at Heathrow, the Entry Slot has been taken by this Emirates Airways Airbus Model.

Once I had delivered my son to his office, I made my way to meet Ann at the White Horse Inn at Hedgerley for our Morning Coffee (despite me partaking of a Costa Cappuccino at Heathrow)

It was so warm there we could sit in the Sun in the Garden.

It was a perfect end to the trip when this beautiful Late Flying Red Admiral paid us a visit.


So that was my day. Frank.

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