Sunday, 26 October 2014

If You Would Like To Own a R. Nick Taylor Aluminium Tool Tray for your Morgan?

The R. Nick Taylor Tool Tray available to Buy for Your Morgan.

I realise that some of you may have already read about these tool trays as part of another of my Blog Topics.

But, as others of you may have missed it this thread is Specific to Buying one of Nicks Tool Trays for your Morgan.

Here is a Copy of Nicks Sales Advert 

My Own Morgan Tool Tray

This Picture above may be familiar to some of you. Others of you may not have noticed that fault this has happened to your Plastic Morgan Tool Tray? 

Roadster 100 Owner, Nick Taylor designed an Aluminum Tool Tray and the maker is prepared to make more of them for Morgan Owners who would like to have one for their car 

Currently, they cost just about £126 delivered to a UK address.

As the photo in the Sales Flyer Advert above, of Nicks Filled Tray, indicates there is plenty of extra storage for those who tour and need to take extra equipment.

 The Tool Tray Cross Section

These Two New Drawings from Nick, give the dimensions that he used for his Morgan Roadster. 

He points out that Owners of other Morgan Models should cross check their Own car's Dimensions and write them on a copy of these drawings if they differ from Nicks Measurements.

The Tool Tray Plan.

The Manufacturer, Kevin, will then Tailor a Tool Tray to fit your Morgan's needs. if you want to order one then speak to Kevin about it. 

If you do order one then please be patient for yours as Kevin has received quite a few orders to fit in with his existing business.

Nick has enhanced his Tool Tray to make it more accessible by Splitting the Plywood Lid into a 4 Part Hinged Lid with the Carpets modified to Fit the Split Lids.

I have enhanced my Tool Tray by fitting it out with these small Fibre Board Boxes which I made to separate my Tools and other Items. 

I also fitted the Plastic Foam Sheet to keep the Lid from Rattling when Closed.

I have also made this set of Nylon Drawstring Bags, lined with some Towelling Fabric, to take the Heavy Items of The Jack, The Jack Handle, The Wheel Nut Spanner and the Wheel Nut Mallet.

 Just a few extra ideas to use to enhance your Tool Tray.

Therefore, if you are interested in this super upgrade for your Morgan then please contact Kevin. 

or, as Nick says, 

If you have the skills and the equipment then do feel free to use the Drawings to make a Tool Tray for yourselves.


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