Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sorry for my Absence - I have Moved Home and Still Have NO Internet

 Boxes and Boxes of Family Stuff

The Mog had to go on its own.

The Biggest of The Three who moved us.

The Best Team of Movers in the World. Great Guys All.

The Mog At Home in the Sunset.

And What Winter Sunsets at Low Tide.

 Helpful Neighbours

The Beach below our New Home

Feeding Our New Friends

Plenty of Sailing to watch

Not all of the Passing Shipping is Happy - The Stricken Car Transporter Hoege Osaka deliberately run aground on the 'Bramble Bank' having begun listing badly. 

Now she has been Floated Off and being towed somewhere East of here still at 45%

Just a quick overview. More news and photos later


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  1. That looks like a super location with the I.O.W. on the near horizon - location, location, location; as they say.