Thursday, 23 April 2015

My St Georges Day Fundraising for Help for Heroes

St Georges Day Fundraising for Help for Heroes

Having had a successful St Georges Day fundraising for help for Heroes in Beaconsfield last year I decided that I would try a new venue in my new Hampshire home.

The Locks Heath Shopping Centre seemed like a perfect venue with a large Waitrose store filling half of the sales area,

I approached the Centre Manager to make sure that no one else had booked the day and he gave me immediate approval subject to obtaining a licence from the local council. 

This year the approvals caused me some consternation because, for the first time, Help for Heroes asked for proof of a Council Licence before issuing an Event Number. 

The Borough Council wanted a letter from H4H and one from the Shopping Centre and The Centre needed both as well. Around it went but eventually all worked out well in the end and I received the Permit and the H4H Event Number.

The Wristbands I requested arrived yesterday, I check all of my flags and prepared the Morgan and I was ready to go at 8.45 today.

Heading for Locks Heat I pass through the Village of Titchfield

At the shopping centre, Manager Steve removed the bollard allowing me to reverse up onto the patio area under the Clock Tower alongside the Costa Coffee shop, which would come in handy later for my sustenance.

Within a few moments, by 9.30 am, my St Georges Day Flags were in place and fund raising could begin.

Even my Double Collecting Tin is ready to go.

The breeze was strong which was good to get the Flags out and visible.

Being this close to Waitrose, the footfall was low early in the day.

It would not be long before I would partake of a Costa Latte and inspect their plumbing, just for good measure.

My H4H Radio Ariel Flag

 Here I was being observed by the leading 'Chugger' sitting in the background, watching my every move. Was she envious of the Cash I was gathering?

I stayed for 8 hours during which I met many interesting people who wanted to know about the Morgan.

The total donations made during the day was £142.03 which I rounded up to £150.



The Centre Manager Steve posted this kind  message on his Centre Facebook Page....

St. Georges Day and Help for Heroes.
To help celebrate St. Georges Day today we welcome Frank Lomax and his immaculate, flag emblazoned Morgan car to Locks Heath Shopping Village.
Frank will also be collecting for Help 4 Heroes whilst he is here as he has done for numerous years in other locations, so if you wish to contribute also please feel free to do so.
We hope you will make him feel welcome and help celebrate the wonderful country that we live in.

Steve also took some photos with the only one of myself in action in the background.


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