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The Centenary Roadster 100 Register 'Surrey Hills' Weekend

The Surrey Hills

Didn’t even know there was such a District as “Surrey Hills” – but now we do!

The weekend was superb – I didn't even hear a “Yes but” on anything from anyone in the group.

Everything wassuperbly organised for which we all say a big “Thank You”.

We now move onwards, and it was really fantastic to see so much enthusiasm for future events when we all chatted at Mole Valley Motors.

Well done R and C – you are both a credit to our R100 group.

Cheers – David Harris (Our Founder Member)

Comments made our Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register Founder after enjoying the weekend away for 10 Morgans organised by colleagues Chris & Rosemary Attwood.
On the way there Ann & I stopped at the lovely Park Hatch Hotel near to the town of Cranleigh.

 Parking in place number 08 was our 08

 The Park Hatch, Cranleigh

The Burford Bridge Hotel

The Burford Bridge Hotel near Dorking in Surrey was the base the second of our lovely Register Weekends away.

This year Chris and Rosemary Attwood organised the event in their ideal location of the famous Surrey Hills.

Just after lunch on Friday we were all gathering at the Hotel and neatly Parked in a well organised fashion, thanks to Rosemary's excellent planning, securing us with our preferential parking location in this busy spot alongside the River Mole located beneath the famous Box Hill.  

An Almost Perfect Line & Ready To Go.

It was not long before we were all 'Checked In' to our rooms and presented with our 'Rosemary Constructed' Goody Bag and Program. 

We then had to quickly muster again as we were to go straight out again to our cars for an unexpected treat.

There was much organising of Cars and Contents before setting off in procession.

Chris getting ready

Geoff & Diane Brim setting off

Stephen & Elizabeth Moore were next in line

Philip & Linda Loring follow up

Malcolm and Hazel Matheson were close behind

Gerald & Mary Ladkin were soon to follow

Derek & Carolyn Wright in close procession 

Terry and Nola Seymour follow in their 'Frog Mog'

 Davids Car brought up the rear, then it was our turn to leave.

Arranged by our two organisers Chris & Rosemary, and following instructions from Chris we were back in the Cars ready to head of for a pre dinner jaunt up the famous Box Hill. Bye the way! Where is Rosemary?

Box Hill was featured in Jane Austins 'Emma' and was recently the focus of the 2012 Olympic Games Men's and Ladies Cycling Road Races.

One cannot visit Surrey in a Morgan and not take a drive up Box Hill. Box Hill was also featured in the 1920 Autocar list of Noted British Test Hills.

Sadly for me my passenger refuses to allow me to take any photos when on the move, (something I do all of the time when on my own) .

 I did however rebel and quickly (too quickly) took this shot on the hill featuring Terry and Nola Seymour and some very odd Graffiti, associated with the cycling fraternity who use the hill in their droves every day. 

The Frog Mog and some Cycling Fraternity Graffiti

Caught by Philip putting our hood up.

The Box Hill Viewpoint  with Linda, Rosemary, Philip and Chris with bottle in hand.

Arriving at the National Trust Car Park, Chris ushered us along the road to a Viewpoint where we discovered Rosemary, complete with Table laid neatly with Canapes and a Sparkling Wine Treat

Chris is busy doing the the honour with the Wine Glasses, watched with interest by Rosemary. Elizabeth and Ann look on and I notice that they are already were well into their wine.

Dorking, viewed from Box Hill

The following morning we were free to make our way to chosen locations around the area and The Green Goddess to us to the Claremont Landscape Gardens near to Esher.

 On arrival at Claremont we found a suitable spot to park up and raise the hood. Our friend David is using his tonneau which is much simpler to use to secure the luggage.

 An attractive bench located near to the ticket office

 A Black Swan gracing the lake.

 David and Ann deep in conversation

 The Lake, looking towards the Island

 An interesting adventure play area near to the cafe

 Friendly Geese roaming on the lawns

 The Amphitheatre where concerts and plays are held in the summer.

White Doves under our table 

Following a short break again for coffee in the gorgeous sunshine we all set of for the village of Capel and Mole Valley Specialist Motors where we were to have our lunch and display our cars. 

 Once again being well organised everyone was in place in front of the Showroom at Mole Valley

 Once again, Founder David's Mog was banished to the side wall making a lovely presentation all on its own.

 This £120K Spyker C8 was the star of the Showroom.

The Spyker is heading for a Collectors Museum

Risking Life and Lomb across the A24 to take these two shots of the whole Garage

It looks as though our Buffet Lunch is almost ready.

In the Garage, a Modern Trike Sans Motor looking forlorn in the corner.

Morgan among the Storage.

Saturday Lull in the Service Bays

These few Magnificent Porkers grabbed our Ladies Interest

Astons and Ferraris to whet the appetite

A very smart Two Tone just waiting for your attention.

A Very Interesting NG model.

A Throaty Corvette lurking in the corner.

A Peddle Car among the Morgans and the NG among the cars in the Showroom

Owner Chris and our Chris presenting the history of The Mole Valley business.

 Our founder David asking for feedback on the Register and of future R100 Events.

A Super Petrol Pump adorns the Showroom

The Reception Area under the stairs is decorated with Motor Racing Heritage of Mole Valley

  Magnificent Morgan Window Display

The Aeromax Advert

The Morgan Heritage within Mole Valley

In the Boys Room, there are more Motoring Artifacts on view

More to see while 'Inspecting the Plumbing'

Young Archie kept us all plied with Coffee and Snacks during his Saturday Job

An apt reminder of our first Morgan 'Lellow Car'

This Mole Valley matrix of photos contains One of the Original Roadster 100's, no 30, Bottom Right above the badge!

The Mole Valley Sponsored Reeds Weybridge Rugby Football Clubs Youth Section Shirt  

All too soon, we were back with our cars and setting of for a visit to Denbies Vineyard located on the hillside of the River Mole Valley just outside of the town of Dorking.

Mary, Steven and Elizabeth
David and Mary

Ann, Malcolm and Hazel 

Chris, Ann, Malcolm and Hazel

 Arriving at Denbies we were expecting our ow parking area so I parked nose first against the trend. It proved not to be the case so I remained out of order.

The Denbies Flag

I would love to know what this Fabulous Tree is

Our visit began with an hour long tour of the vineyard on the Road Train.

Everyone is onboard and ready to go

My 'Selfie' with Ann, Linda and Philip

Chris giving someone a pointed finger?

Is that a 'National Trust' Bus Stop I see there?

Signs Everywhere, something for everyone.

Our Guide and Driver giving the outline of the tour.

A look Backwards at the Visitor's Centre as we pull away.

VInes to the Left of us Vines to the Right as we progress up the hill.

The Single Track Road winds around the hillside.

The East of Dorking seen across the Valley of Vines.

The Centre of Dorking with the Church Spire visible on the left.

Box Hill and the view towards Reigate

 As we climbed the hill we stopped at a viewpoint half way up to enjoy a glass of the Denbies Sparkling Wine.

Our Drivers Assistant has everything in hand 

Terry, Gerald, Mary and Rosemary waiting Glass in Hand for the Pop to arrive. 

Terry, looking forward to his sample of the Frizz.

Philip taking one of  me taking one of him.

Our Landi Bar.

Relaxing and enjoying the view. But it was a little cold for Chris.

Our Driver and Tour Guide with the Winery in the valley below.

The Vistors Centre, Winery and Guesthouse seen from the hill.

At the top of the hill and the turning place is the home of the owner of the Denbies business. 

The original house there was a mansion, subsequently burnt down, probably to avoid death duties, it is said?

The Original Mansion.

Beautiful Views in all directions from here

In the valley among the vines are these two trees. 

Denbies land was occupied during WW2 by a force of Canadians who excavated a Tank Trap along here.

 After the war, they had three tanks which would not start so they just buried them where the tree are planted. 

One Tank was excavated some years ago and now resides in the Bovington, Dorset, Tank Museum.

Box Hill seen from Denbies Hill

The other Envious but Patient Passengers not involved in the Champers Treat

Almost Back at base as we reach the end of the road.

The Lift inside the Visitors Centre

An Art Exhibition is underway on the Gallery Platform

Some Scenes on the Stairwell 

I wonder if this is my daughters friend Jo?

I come across this mysterious stairwell. I must investigate it.

Not a clear shot, but its is a Wedding Reception in full swing in the Basement.

Inside the Denbies Atrium Cafe.

The Denbies Wine and Gift Shop

Still Busy even though it is near Closing Time 

Back at the Hotel just in time for Sunset

Back at the Hotel the cars were ready for the night

The following morning we were ready to leave the Hotel for the last time as we headed off for the NT House at Polesden Lacey where Chris and Rosemary had arranged for us to display our cars in front of the house.

Chris gathered us for a briefing before we dispersed around the estate

Three of us asked a passing visitor to take a group photo but unfortunately he did not press the shutter button correctly on my camera so I have borrowed this one from Geoff. His Photo has a Blue tinge.

We all have to have our NT Membership Cards 'swiped' before we can escape.

Half of the Cars in Line In Front of the South Wing

I realised, in the above picture, that this little chap was keen to take Davids Mog for a spin all on his own.

The Panorama Shot of all Nine Cars

Ann is probably telling Rosemary how I am always taking photos

Gerald having his photo taken by Mary while Lind studies the Notice Board

Our Excellent Organisers, Chris & Rosemary, with their R100 among the other Mogs.

More Car Discussions over by the South Wing

The Clock Tower in need of someone to wind the Clock

Here is Ann busy fighting the wind by pegging down the Register's Banner

The South Wing Garden Terrace

The Front from a different angle

The Visitors Entrance Gate Tower

The Whole Polesden Lacey Estate Map.

The House and Gardens Plan

Inside Half of the NT Gift & Book Shop.

A Beautiful Wood Carving in the Courtyard

The North Wing from behind the hedge.

A Yawning Statue Guards the Gate.

Shots of the cars taken from the Upstairs Windows

Most of the Cars in view

It appears that Chris & Rosemary have stood guard for the whole day

Our Grandsons William & Jacob came to meet us for Lunch and some Golf Chipping on the lawn.

Here Chris seems to be enjoying sharing his knowledge with interested visitors.

Some Magnificent Tulips 

One last photo with the Boys and the Green Goddess as we prepare to make our way back to our home in Hampshire once more at the end of a Glorious Weekend .

I hope that you enjoyed the Tour with me

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