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Morgan Day at Brooklands Museum Today The Biggest Yet!

The Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register have become Regular Visitors to Brooklands Museum for the Annual Morgan Day


The Green Goddess on the end of the Wonkey Line 

A Big Thank You to Chris Atwood for organising our dedicated parking place. During the day someone always gets in our place preventing that perfect photo..

Our Line with an Ivory Interloper

 Here I am advertising the Sale of our Blenheim Palace Car Badges

My Windscreen Notices. 

My Badge in Close Up.

 This Year the Paddock contains a mixture of cars of all vintages

 Register Members Linda & Philip Loring

 Member Malcolm Matheson spotted heading for the Old Three Wheelers.

The Front of the Clubhouse

This Morgan Quad has been lovingly rebuilt and restored by Morgan Enthusiast and Rolvenden Kent Museum owner Chris Booth..

History of this Morgan Quad.

With my almost obsession for photographing 'Toilet Art' here is one from Brooklands depicting the clothing worn by the Motoring and Cycling Fraternity

A Motorcycling Coat

The Motor Museum is full of interesting cars, many which have a Brooklands Racing history

The Authoress Barbara Cartland has a strong history with Brooklands as both and Aviator and a Motorist. This is a replica of her personal room at Brooklands,

Outside the Finishing Straight is full of Morgans this year. I have never seen so many there before.

A Replica of one of the Offices

Another Office within the Clubhouse Rooms.

In the Passageway, there are these examples of Racing Vehicles.

One of the Trophy Showrooms

The Three Wheelers, New and Old have a good turn out today.

Lurking in the corner is this Morgan F series Flat Rad Three Wheeler.

This Office Desk is full of Personal Items including the Wind UP Gramophone.

Part of a Display of Car Badges

A Beautiful Supercharged MG

The Riley, one of my Favorites 

Having seen this used on frequent occasion I took the fancy to try it myself today.

The Clive Lones Morgan seems to be restored now that its Engine has returned.

Sir Malcolm Campbell has a deep history of Racing at Brooklands. This poster is just one of many pieces of information.

An old Photo of his Workshop.

An old Event Notice

Perfect for the Children is one of the original 6 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's used in the making of the film.

One of the Interesting General Display Cabinets

The 'Nanette'  Brooklands Special

One of the Bentley Boys Racing 'Blowers'

One of Two GEN11 Pedal Cars on show

The Giant Red Lagonda

One of a Number of Showcases of Historic Land Speed Record model cars.

More Models

The Motorcycle Room contains these Vintage Racers.

In the Cycling Room, this old workshop sits in one corner

One of the Chris Boardman Speed Record Carbon Fibre Cycles

A Corner Filled with Cycle Racing History

More Racing Motocycles

Around the Back of the Clubhouse

In the Racing Car Sheds

A Poster depicting the Cars in the Museum at the Donington Race Track 

Some Fine examples on show

More Fine examples packed in a little.

The Racers Workshop.

The Mercedes F1 Simulator - I did Brooklands in 45.2 seconds flat out. 
Not that impressive, apparently

 (2.75 / 45.2 ) x 3600 = 219mph ?

(3600 seconds in 1 hour)

LocationSurreyEnglandUnited Kingdom
Length2.75 mi

        Image result for Brooklands Track Length
    The banking was nearly 30 feet (9 m) high in places. In addition to the oval, a bisecting "Finishing Straight" was built, increasing the track length to3.25 miles (5.23 km), of which 1.25 miles (2.01 km) was banked. It could host up to 287,000 spectators in its heyday.

    Brooklands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Across the River is the Mercedes World Showrooms, Museum and Test Tracks.

Another View of the Finishing Straight Parking area.

The Model Car seller.

One of the V8 BMW Engined Speedsters  

The Old Three Wheelers from a new angle

More of the Cars in the Paddock with the Harrier Vertical take Off 'Jump Jet' in the background

Under the Clubhouse Balcony

More of the Paddock

The Racing Garages where the Roadster 100's Parked last year.

Donna Hopton marches her Marshalls to the Test Hill.

Those old Three Wheelers again

Someone is missing allowing me to photo our Banner.

The Wellington Aircraft Hanger is about to be moved off of the Track Finishing straight where it has lived since the Aircraft Factory here during World War 2. It will be rebuilt elsewhere on site.

  One of the Aero Series with Red Rimed wheels.

Another View of the Paddock Cars

The New Vickers Building with its 4d Cinema. - Concord's Beak protruding,

The Brooklands Wall.

Inside of the Vickars Building

One of the Historic racing Photos there.

The Vickers Vimy Wall Mural. 

A aerial photo of the original Race Track

The BAC 1-11 aircraft

Some Heavy WW2 Armaments. 

Concorde with The Sultan of Brunei's plane in the background

The Brookland Barbecue and Coffee Shop.

The whole Clubhouse and Watch Tower

Along the Exit Fence

The same fence looking the other way.

MSCC Vice Chairman Peter Jenks makes his way home.

Steve Bridge's Car but no sign of Steve at all today?

In the Shop I spot this range of products from Hergest Designs (One of our Blenheim Exhibitors) They are perfect depictions of the Roaster 100's.

The Picnic Box.

The Handbag

The Leather Tool Bag

One Owner who will not have a pleasant Drive Homewards.

The Test Hill opens quite late this year

The queue of Test Hill Participants being marshalled

This one did their best to cause chaos in the line.

Keith Hofgartner getting ready for his assent in his Le Mans 62 4/4

Getting Ready to Roll

Ladies Ready to Climb the Hill

Brian Downing, Sunglasses Flipped,  spotted watching the Hull Climb

And the Fine Saxophonist Plays on and on and on

There he is on the Left Side Clubhouse Balcony

We set off for home and made a Coffee Stop in West Meon. While inspecting the Plumbing again I could not resist this wallpaper Photo of a local Signpost.

Caught in the Mirror again.

I hope that you enjoyed the visit to Brooklands again this year.


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