Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Green Goddess meets Eye Spy

The Green Goddess meets Eye Spy

During my 71 years, I have been invited to go sailing on three occasions. 
The first two occasions were called off due to bad weather. 
With today being in the middle of one of the warmest and sunniest weeks of the year, it looked very promising as I reversed the Green Goddess out of the garage.

The Green Goddess, Our Morgan Roadster 100 

Eye Spy, The Yacht waiting for our day out on the Solent

 With my trusty camera slung around my neck as usual, I set off from Hill Head via Titchfield heading for the Marina at Warsash on the River Hamble.

 As I swing by the Mini Roundabout in Titchfield, I cant resist a shot towards the Village Centre.

 I have arrived 15 minutes early at Stone Pier Boat Yard in Warsash. After parking the Mog there is time for a few photos.

 Tide is out on the River Hamble as I look Up River through a forest of yacht masts

 Swinging the camera around here is the view down river towards Southampton Water

 This big beast of a Crane is used by the Marina for lifting Boats in and out of the River, for such as Winter Storage and Maintenance.

The Morgan in front of the R.K. Marine Office where I will be meeting the owner for our days Sailing on his Yacht 'Eye Spy'  

My eye is caught by this odd little pink craft when I realise that it is the Foot Passenger Ferry from Warsash to the Village of Hamble le Rice on the opposite bank of the river.

 On the way back from a trip to inspect the local plumbing 

My hosts arrive and we make our way to the Yacht who's bows and mooring line are just visible on the right.  

Mooring Ropes and Fenders and us oaboard and we are ready to leave.

The view back to the yard as we motor down river.

Looking ahead we are in a small convoy of other yachts and power boats all restricted by the River Speed Limit.

Nearing the mouth of the Hamble River I notice these hefty sea defences 

We were watching this young man wading into the river while carrying this 'Moth' Sailboard with foils. As soon as it hit the water it took off like a rocket.

A we are setting our sails everyone else is getting under way.

When we are hunting for for Eye Spy through our telescope from our home, we will have to remember 'Number 32'. 

Our convoy begins to separate as Sailing Begins in earnest.

On the Right is Calshot Spit with the Old Converted Seaplane Hangers.

Calshot Naval Air Station

The Decommissioned Oil Fired Power Station at Marchwood  just sits there waiting for someone to light the oven.

Much to my surprise and absolute pleasure I am Given the Helm (allowed to steer the yacht)  while owner Roger keeps a close watch.

 I take the opportunity to snap the Satellite Navigation showing our location to the Shipping Lane, Speed and Sea Depth under the Keel.

Just checking that we are still heading in the right direction

 A Small Container Ship passes well to Starboard ( getting to know the terminology ) 

The Red Funnel Car Ferry makes another of its many daily crossings

A Passing Freighter or Tanker?

Osborne House Beach with The Famous Wheeled Bathing Hut in the left centre

The Beach House.

Mmm. Private Beach - No going ashore here then?

Having our Lunch kindly provided by Brian and Roger.

Nearly forgot to take this shot. It would have been better when it was right alongside us.

More visitors at anchor around us

As usual I needed to Inspect the Plumbing and took the opportunity for these interior shots showing what a beautiful boat it is.

The Galley

Moored quite close to us this time.

As we leave Brian takes us forward to allow me to see Osborne House, Former Country Home of Queen Victoria 

We make our back across the Solent towards Hill Head.

Others appear to be still enjoying this fabulous weather as well

A Charter or Training Yacht of some sort.

It's time to head back and I am at the wheel once more. In this fabulous weather, I could get to like this lifestyle

Hill Head from the water. I can just see our house in the left hand group.

The Solent Breezes Holiday Home Camp.

A Beautiful Old Lady with the same Sail Number as us?

The Red Funnel Fast Foot Ferry from Southampton to Cowes goes battering by. 

To get us along faster we set our sails in 'Goose Wings' fashion.

Now a Red Funnel Car ferry heads for Southampton

The Yachtsman's Friend, I don't think, as these power boats pass close and toss us about. 

This 'B******' has no consideration as they break the River Speed Limit.

The Wash is very deep 

The River Hamble ahead and not to far to go.

Is anyone watching, we wonder?

A much more sedate and thoughtful pace.

Keeping to the limit.

The Warsash School of Navigation, part of Southampton University.

The Lifeboat Drill Training Rig.

The Warsash Sailing Club on the right.

The Marina Crane Jib indicates our destination 

Just need to swing around and we will be back st the Jetty.

The Tides is High and the Pink Ferry is much busier now.

Heading Home, towards the Sailing Club.

The Sailing Club Balcony

Lovely Cottages as I climb the short hill from the riverside.

Arriving Home at the Garage Door after a lovely and most enjoyable day.


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