Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Another Day, Another Warm Run Opportunity.

It was a beautiful sunny day all day today here on the Solent in South Hampshire.. Once the Frost melted from the windows it was perfect for a trip in The Green Goddess. 

However !

The day turned out to be our usual Dog Walking Day which is beginning, later and later and later. 
It is getting so late that I need to change my strategy and plan to take the Morgan out before the Dog Walk.

It was 12.45pm when we set off for the walk.

As is becoming the norm it was 3pm when I managed to escape for a 20 mile warm up run along the coast.

Despite my Sun Glasses I was tormented by the lowering sun on the return homeward. 

My first stop was at the Millennium Bridge at Forton in Gosport. 

As you can see, the only way to get any photos in this corner of the town one has to park on Double Yellows for a few moments.

The Bridge is By Foot or Cycles only. I must find a parking place nearby sometime and take a walk to the other side. 

This  13 minute Youtube Video is interesting in that it shows some of the Engineering during its planning and building.

 Driving back through the old St Georges Army Barracks, on the right are the Old Officers Messes, now converted into homes.

The Sun is low in the sky as I pass one of the original Gates to the Administration Area.

Some Gosport History

 The Officers Mess stretches right along this roadway.

As I approach the main road, on the right is the tower bridging the St George's Barracks Main Gates 

 Behind the Railing is the last piece of the old Rail Track which took military supplies and armaments into the Barracks and on to the Harbourside. 
Another line used to swing out to Stokes Bay where there used to be a pier, built so that Queen Victoria could travel to the Isle of Wight from there to he favorite home of Osborne House 

Queen Victoria's Railway Station

 As I wait to turn left, across the road is one end of an extremely long Army Quarters Block, also now converted to homes.

Once again The Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower can be seen above the Boat Store at the Gosport Marina. 

Passing the end of the High Street in shadow, now pedestrianised, I manage to get a snap through the side screen. 

On the right are the Twin Buoys of the Haslar Marina Car Park.

I nearly came a cropper her at the Haslar Bridge with the sun in my eyes. 
The Traffic Light Control changes very fast if there is no one on the opposite side.  Cyclists don't count. 
As I took the photo the lights changed to green. by the time I set off they changed to amber. 
I needed to zip over the single carriage way bridge as the traffic on the other side may be released before I got there.
Fortunately they were still stationary.
Direct Sun in my eyes through a dirty windscreen as I pass between the high walls of Haslar Hospital.
I did not realise that there was so much smearing on the screen. I had to use my washers before I could see properly again.

On the way towards home I always take a short diversion through Alverstoke, Gosports most desirable area with its Regency History.  
Sadly, The Regency Terrace in this Crescent, with is small but beautiful garden opposite was only half completed. There should be a mirrored building to my immediate right but the experiment did not attract as much interest as the developer hoped for. 

The Anglesey Hotel on the right is where I often stop for a coffee, but not today as darkness will be upon us very soon.

Alverstoke Crescent

From this angle I can just about get the rest of the Terrace in the frame  

A Short History of the Terrace

 Just around the corner is Alverstoke Village. A tiny group of one way streets with just a few shops and restaurants. 

 I may have stopped here for a short visit but it was impossible to park. I think that the driver in front was searching as well.

 Back on the Coast Road at Stokes Bay. with the Isle of Wight on the left, the sun is starting to set.

A little further along the bay sweeps out to a small headland where the Military area of Browndown begins.
Browndown Battery 

The Old Battery or Fort is now a Diving Museum
 The Diving Museum

Nearing the Village of Lee on the Solent I am approaching the Boat Park of the local Sailing Club.

 Up the slight rise in the road and to the left is where the real sea front of Lee begins.

 In the distance, the coast curves out towards Hill Head which is my destination, but I will have to travel inland first to get there. I could take the narrow coast road but during the rush hour I would be confronted with lots of oncoming vehicle of all sizes. Not worth the risk for an extra mile.

 The Beach Road at Lee is a mass of apartments, all with sea views. The building on the right was the only Hotel but even this has now been converted apartments keeping Lee on the Solent as 'residential' rather than a holiday resort.


My last photo as I have to concentrate on negotiating the Parked Cars and oncoming traffic for the rest of the short journey.

I hope that you enjoyed this short trip.

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