Tuesday, 2 February 2016

February is Here Already - 2/2/16

My First Morgan Road Trip in February 2016

Before I begin a New Topic I always take a look at the Stats Page. 

In the true nature of the Blog Name, and after almost 4 years, my Route Maps for the Coastal Trip are Top of the Daily Watch League once more. The Spread of Countries from which visits are made is also interesting. The last time I looked Russia was at the top with over 250 contacts.

United Kingdom
United States

 It was a beautiful sunny day today and as usual our dog walk along the beach was after midday. 

Before the sun went down I decided to dig the Morgan out from under the covers and take a spin along the south to north River Meon Valley to make a non stop circular anti clockwise journey of some 34 miles via Wickham, Droxford, Corhampton Down, Bishops Waltham returning via Titchfield.

As I left the town of Fareham for Wickham where the Meon Valley Road begins, it was 3.30pm, with the sun low in the sky and the Business Rush Hour (yes they seem to finish early around here) and last of The School Run were all well under way so no chance to take any snaps along the way for this part of the journey.

I was almost 5 miles from Fareham now before I was able to take this, my first snap. 

I was heading for the Village of Droxford, having dropped back from the Lorry in the front distance so that I would get the chance of a photo or two.

 Up the next slope the first of the two Droxford speed step down signs is upon me. 

The Droxford Village Centre sits in a Valley with a double S Bend on the way in and another on the way out again.  

Dropping the Speed to 25mph as I approach the next bend as there is always some form of obstruction waiting just around the corner. 

Passing the first of the Georgian Houses here, and a lovely Hostelry on the right, I spot the tail end of the School Bus blocking half of the road ahead.

Around the School Bus and into the climb out and through the next set of S bends. 

Droxford is a Village that I have always intended to make a stop at and explore the side streets and church. 

The River Meon flowing southwards passes nearby somewhere to the right side. 

During my Cycle Racing Days of my youth, Droxford was the Turning Point for a 10 Mile Time Trial Route from Fareham.  

Just a few miles on I spot the Village of Meonstoke across the meadows. 

The Building there on the right is another fine hostelry set just off of the Valley Road 

It seems confusing as the Sign says Corhampton as I approach another S Bend. 

The Village is just a few houses along the road side.  
Just around the corner to the left is a fork in the road on a small roundabout.
I will be taking the Left Hand fork moving away from the Valley Road heading west again towards the small town of Bishop's Waltham. 

Now the sun is beginning to set. 

Climbing the hill to reach the top of what are know locally as Corhampton Downs. My route is straight on 

In days gone by this was a favourite location for outings and picnics when the family would hire an open top Charabanc to get there.    

The View from the Top of the Downs.

Here I am just entering Bishops Waltham famous for its ancient Bishops Palace

The journey through the Town is via a series of narrow one way streets which turn to the left and right

It is quite a small town with just a few shops, cafes and restaurants.

Despite my just passing two community police persons, double line parking is quite common in these small towns.

Driving away from Bishop's waltham towards the next town of Botley, which I do not enter, the sun is in my eyes and I curse the water spray that landed on my windscreen a while back.

The last village on the Journey is tiny Titchfield where parking is almost impossible.

The buildings here are a lovely mix of Georgian and Terraced cottages, only a couple of shops and two Hostelries, The Queen's Head and the Dolphin Hotel adorn the square. 

The Queen's Head

The Village Square

Through the Traffic Calming on the way out.

My route turns left at the end of this road.

I arrive at the beach road with the sun in my eyes through that dirty windscreen. 

Left turn now, onto the Coast Road where my journey began.

The Garage awaits this little beauty as she heads for her home and a good clean.

That is better

Darkness looms as the sun finally sets over the Isle of Wight.

Another Morgan Journey is over as I look forward to the next time.

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  1. Frank, Just read and enjoyed your post and first run of February. Interested that you had so much interest from Russia. A while ago I noticed I too had a sudden spike of viewers from Russia but why I cannot say.