Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The 23rd April is St. Georges Day as well as Drive It Day


This year St Georges Day falls on a Sunday when only a few shops are open and the opportunities for Fund Raising would probably be more limited, we thought.

So this year I asked for a Two Day Collecting Licence and both Terry and I agreed to use both days in our quest to raise money in support of Combat Stress, the Veterans Mental Health Charity.

Not many people knew about the charity and its needs are such that most of the other Military Charities also support Combat Stress with donations.

 Terry began early with table stowed on Frog Mog's Luggage Rack

Frog Mog is aboard and Terry was ready to set off.

 Our Location Set and the Cars Decorated. Where would our First Donation come from?

We arrived nice and early this year only to find that our usual pitch had bee taken by the local Flower Nursery, who is normally further back, a Fruit Seller and a Vaping liquid seller.

However, we wanted to be just outside the Waitrose Store to maximise our opportunities and so we squeezed ourselves in, much to the consternation of the others. 

Terry was a master with the Helium blowing up and stringing the Combat Stress Balloons 

We were ready. We just needed some customers. 

 The Green Goddess Draped in her Flags

 A Beautiful Array of Plants. That Butchers Sign just had to go.

 It was a case of Fast Selling Raspberries, Blueberries next and the Strawberries took all day to sell.

 Quite a few donors would like to own a Morgan or have owned one in the past.

 Could this be a Car Sales Negotiation I see before me?

 The Car Park was filling fast. We just needed some Passers By.

 Then One Escapee was spotted, up, up, and away.

We received support from Register members Rosemary & Chris who travelled from Mid Surrey to help with the collections.

Unfortunately our cramped position prevent our plan to have Three Roadster 100 in line for the first time here.

I was allowed to be in this photo as well.

It was the end of Day One when Nola opened the Buckets to cash up our Donations.

We had achieved a magnificent £245.37p.


Terry and I were there nice and early, expecting the local Classic Car Club to leaving for their Drive It Day Run. Only 3 turned up so decided to go off to Thruxton Racecourse instead.

 Today we had the whole are to ourselves. An early visitor also would like to own a Morgan.

 The day proved interesting in that more of the fewer shoppers came to chat and make donations, many of which were Folding Money.

And another Escapee.

 Terry busied with the Balloons again with somextra Helium donated by the local Toy Shop.

 One very happy participant sporting Balloon & Wristband

 Posing for the photograph. 

 We then had a visit from young Sam, a keen photographer who works in the Waitrose store.

 Sam sent us some of his very sharp photos. The Balloon Girl

Frog Mog on Duty.

The day was over at around 3pm today as most people had finished their shopping.
It was time to pack up and put the Flags away again until next year.

Nola found these useful additions to the collection as she counted today's donation.

Day 2 collected the princely sum of £240.88 bringing the weekends total to a magnificent £486.25. which will be banked directly into the Combat Stress Account at The Nat west Bank.

These Direct Banking ones are the best donations.

The Justgiving and EBay Sales donations, we also use, all command some hefty charges reducing donations to around only 75% of that achieved.

I will conclude by offering a massive THANK YOU to the Very Kind and Generous Shopper who use the Locks Heath Shopping Village.  


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