Tuesday, 9 May 2017

My Little Jaunt to Oxfordshire Yesterday

It was Chairman Mao who is credited with the saying that The Most Important Step in The Great March is the First One as he began the Revolution in what is now The Peoples Republic of China.

We took our first step today in our great journey to All Morgans' Day on 1st July 2018 as Terry Seymour and I met at Blenheim Palace to discuss our Plans for that event and to gather essential information prior to preparing our event advertising.

I decided that I would travel up the night before to ease the strain on this aging being. I decided to use the Holt Hotel near Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire as it is very reasonable and very comfortable.

 The Holt Hotel

Having stayed here two years ago when planning the 2016 event I was familiar with the area so no running around the lanes this time. It was straight in and cover the Morgan ready for an early night.

A first check of the room indicates that despite my Lowest Cost, Single Booking I had been upgraded to a much larger double room.

 Everything I needed for a quiet night of watching TV.

 The Hotel Gardens are nice and neat.

 A Nice terrace for those warmer evenings

 A Comfortable Lounge

 Highwayman Art in the Bar.

 Sir Winston Churchill in the Library.

 A Miniature Room in a Glass Case stands in the Corner.

The Lounge from the Opposite Direction.
 In the Morning the Mog is packed and we are ready for the short drive to Blenheim Palace.

 Driving through Woodstock Town towards the Palace.

 A Lovely Array of Wisteria on these house frontages.

 Rounding the corner and there is Terry waiting for my arrival. Having driven up from Lymington this morning he had a very early start.

 Two Roadster 100's ready to go into the Palace Grounds.

 One Scary looking Keystone over this Gateway.

 The Lake Bridge is a little out of focus taken through the Perspex side window while on the move.

 This view of the Palace is also blurred for the same reason

 As we were early for our meeting we took a short stroll around the Parking Areas and were immediately befriended by this pair of Pheasants who had probably been fed before by other visitors.

 Harold ll in full stride

 Terry organising his car before we head for the CafĂ©.

 There is always room for another Mog Picture

 It was not long before we began to create an attraction.

 The Palace Background photo.

After our meeting we strolled around the shop looking for inspiration for a new Blenheim Logo or associating article.
I tried to capture the Dukes Family Emblem from a Glass Door which is not that clear.

 This version was hanging from the ceiling.

 This best example was found on this Framed Embroidered Cushion

The next idea was to study the Busts of Sir Winston Churchill who was born and raised at Blenheim Palace. 

 This one is quite realistic

 An even better example.

 The Three in a Row.

 The best taken at a better angle.

Just when we are about to leave for home, more visitors arrive.

 Sir Winston and wife Clemie with Clement Attlee 

 Being Greeted by the Lady from the Information Desk

 Conversation ensued.

 The Winston & Clement Close Ups


 One last Logo found on the East Court Gates

 Heading for home along the Exit Road I spot the Miniature Train heading from the Pleasure Gardens

 The Mirror Shot as the train is at its closest.

 Terry is taking the lead. 

 There are no Barriers to The Roadster 100's at Blenheim Palace.

Over the Speed Hump, Turn Left and off we go.


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