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Our Roadster 100 Register Visit to the Haynes Museum.

Roadster 100's Go West.

Fourteen Members of the Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register set out for a weekend away together with their partners to the Dorset town of Sherborne. 

On the way down a group of us visited the magnificent Haynes International Museum at Sparkford near Yeovil. It was my first ever visit so expect lots of photos.

 The Modern Haynes Car Museum.

The Haynes Museum was apparently built on the site of an old WW2 American Ammunition Dump funded by the profits made by the publishing business founded on the superb Haynes Manuals used by owners of the many British cars as detailed guides for their maintenance. 

My wife Ann & Weekend Organiser Chris stood alongside our cars.

 Owner Philip has moved to the Dark Side selling his Roadster 100 in favour of this new Plus 8.

 Having been promised a parking area together it did not happen so we were scattered far and wide around the car park. Nick and Geoff separated from Gerald below.

Gerald tells me that he uses MER Polish to achieve this smart appearance.

 In the museum foyer I was immediately attracted to this Ferrari engine while heading for the Café. Would it fit our Morgans I asked myself, tongue in cheek. 

Located above the café were these two lovely Austin 7's. On the Plinth to the left is one of the Tiny Engines found under their bonnets. 

 Having paid for our discounted entry tickets we head inside for the surprise of our lives. We are immediately met by one of the first cars to be found on roads in a small tableau of the history of the Motor Car and Motor Cycle .

 The background walls give the details of each vehicle.

An early 'Motor Cycle'

 There are so many cars on show and I am no expert in cars at all therefore most of this blog page will have to be devoted to the Photos.

 Intermingled with the cars are these beautiful Peddle Cars.

On the small plinth to the right there are one of other super ideas - Brass Rubbing plates complete with paper and wax's of one of the nearby cars. 

 Part of the Rolls Royce and Bentley collection on show.

 This military Roller has been converted into an Armoured Machine Gun Carrier

 Just around the next corner can be found this beautiful example of a 1930's Morgan Three Wheeler among the Bubble cars and others.

 The physical size of many of the exhibits is staggering. Even the old Riley is massive by Morgan standards.

 The Three Wheeler from another angle.

The Mark Weber 2010 Monaco Grand Prix Winning Red Bull Showcase

Part of the Supercar Presentation.

I am amazed by how large some of these American Cars were.

A stunning example of an Auburn.

Upstairs in the Motorcycle Display area we found this lovely example of our once owned Triumph 350cc Speed Twin.

Our UAA 394 was somewhat different in that it had been converted to a racing machine by my brother in law before I bought it and returned it to a Road Bike format.

This Fine Array of Speedway bikes took me back to my youth when we used to enjoy supporting The Saints racing at Southampton's Bannister Road Stadium where the team included the likes of Barry Briggs and Bjorn Knutsson. 

Through this upstairs window the test track used as a Kart Racing circuit.

A fine looking Indian racer.

A 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan

This is the beautiful Cadillac Model 452A Madam X Imperial Cabriolet is polished to perfection.

The Duesenberg was just sparkling in the overhead lighting.

The oblong grills of the Dodge Charger

Big Big Big. Cadillac, Edsel etc.

The Pretty Little Red Corvette

The Lincoln Continental Sedan

That ' Pretty Little Red Corvette Stingray ' by Chevrolet 1963

The Jensen Interceptor

In the Jaguar corner this smart 420.

A little group of Chevy's

A fine example of an American 'Woody'

A Beautiful Model of an Alpha Romeo Monza 80.

A Showcase of more fine Models

The Quadrophenia Display of Mods, Scooters and Accessories.

The BSA Winged Wheel used in conventional cycles.

When I was young and involved in my own motorcycle maintenance my personal nemesis was a Cyclemaster wheel of a neighbours bicycle which kept breaking down.

A 1986 Ford Cosworth Formula 1 Engine.

The Racing Car Room

A Group of Lotus Race Cars.

1996 Ferrari and 1986 March F1 cars.

The 1974/5 Lola Cosworth in Embassy Trim

A 1989 Formula 3 Reynard No.42

A Haynes Racing Porsche 911.

A 1936 Delahey 135.

In the Morris Garage I spot a Bull Nose on the right.

The `1963 MG Magnette next to a Soft Top Morris Minor.

William Morris and his Morris Garages History.

An early Morris Rolling Chassis.

A 1930 Morris Minor. 

The Morris Ten Four Cabriolet.

The early Morris Van. 

A Fine Collection of Garage Equipment.  

Developing the Efficient Morris Minor seen at Brooklands below. 

Rounding the Brooklands Banking during the Trials.

The MG Sports Dashboard

The more basic Saloon Dashboard.

 The result of the Brooklands Trials.

 The Development Car & Engine

The Tiny Development Engine.

 Following a switch to a conventional engine this was the list of results for the MG Minor.

 The 1946 Humber Snipe Chassis.

The British Cars.

 The Little Metropolitan and Morris Peddle Car.

The Austin Line Up.

 A 1952 Austin Atlantic.

 Little Crimson Riley and Wolsey Six Eighty

The 1980 Vauxhall Cresta

A 1967 Humber Hawk

The Triumph Vitesse Convertible 

In the Play Area they have this very complex Driving Simulator.

Two of the more conventional driving computer games.

Outside the children's play areas are superb, provided that the weather is dry.

I wonder if JCB sponsored the Sand Pit.

More Driving Games inside.

1950's Aston Martin DB2/4

The Yellow Lotus Group.

The early Land Rover sandwiched in here.

The White Hillman Imp.

A beautiful E Type.

The Jaguar Area.

Beautiful Jaguar XK 120 in Ivory.

The Peddle Car Version.

The Aston Martin Lagonda with its Long Chiseled Bonnet shape.

That E Type again.

The Customised Morris Minor Van

Sparkling, even under the bonnet.

More 'Specials'

The Living Room finish with 'see through' floor.

The Hot Rod or Funny Car.

In the Hall of Motor Sport.

The John DeLorean DMC 12

Causing some concern for Nola & Chris

A fine line of Veterans.

The 1942 Wilys Jeep

Ann takes a seat with Diane & Geoff looking on.

A magnificent collection of Model T Fords with video showing the versatility of these very robust cars.

More Supercars with the Dodge Viper and the Lamborghini Countach. 

The infamous Jaguar CX75 Supercar.

Another Jaguar E Type this time in Red next to the Porsche 911.

An unusually Black Bentley Tourer.

More Bentley S3 & S1

2000 Bentley Arnage Red Label with its John H. Haynes Personal Plate

There were not so many cars in 'The Ferrari Room' as one may expect.

A Smart Bristol

Now we have entered 'The Red Room' with the Gordon Keeble.

The Morgan Plus 8 x 4 Seater next to a Lotus Super 7

Ann's Favorite, The Porsche 356 Speedster.

The Morgan Plus 8 - 4 Seater Rear End

A Beautiful Vintage Alfa Romeo. 


A 1934 Riley Brooklands Special

I am not sure about JJJ 861D located next to the Triumph.

The 1995 MG next to the Porsche Boxter.

1973 BMW 3 Litre Coupe

The AC Ace 

The Frog Eyed Sprite and the MGB. among the Peddle Cars

A 1963 Daimler Dart.

The 1972 Gilbern Invader Estate

The Marcos

The 1982 Maserati Morak SS

The Smart Mustang Cockpit.

The Mustang Convertible 

I did say that there were a massive amount of cars to see here. I hope that you enjoyed the visit.

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