Tuesday, 26 June 2012

All Morgans Day at Waddesdon Manor 24th June 2012

All Morgans Day 2012 was the idea of Roadster 100 Register Founder Member David Harris as a finale to my Grand Tour Around Britain's Coast Roads for Help for Heroes. 

I was not involved in any of the organisation as David insisted that I was to be the Guest of Honor.

The Waddesdon Manor - Rally Plaque for 2012
Philip Loring on Parking & Rain Duty during the day (Photo by Keith Hofgartner)

160 Morgans Booked to attend on what was a very busy day for Waddesdon Manor. 

A 2000 runner, Race for Life, was happening elsewhere in the Park that morning and 22 cars from the TVR Club were also due to join in with their display on an adjacent driveway.

For David and the Organising Team of Philip & Linda, Peter and Sonja, the weekend began with an over night at the Lion Hotel Waddesdon where we met for dinner and an early breakfast so that we could all be at the Manor by 9am to set up Gazebos and Banners.

Other guests staying with us were Roadster 100 owners Klaus and Ina Pizer from Germany, John and Linda Collins, Morgan owners from Kent, whose Morgan had unfortunately been driven into the previous week so was not with them.

The third member of our group was Neil A. Miller from Arizona USA who would be selling and signing copies of his excellent book ' Morgan Exploration ' A photographer's journey through an automotive tradition. 

This excellent Landscape Book has just enough narrative in its 239 pages with over 300 photographs.

You can buy a copy of the book via Neil Miller's website link here:

Neil is one of Morgan Worlds Characters who deserves more time than we had to get to know him. 

Neil is fortunate enough to be able to keep his Morgan here in the UK so that he can make his frequent visits to European Events such as Le Mans from here.

Neil Miller and his Morgan
Dinner at The Lion
Prior to the Event I had prepared the Banners as I did for last years event. 

Trial Run in the Garden

My New Banner provided by Steve Pickering and My Large Map on Trellis

So, before we met for dinner the team went up to the Manor to erect one large Gazebo and two smaller ones plus my banners. 

We were met there by other friends of Philips who had arrange to show us how to put up their Gazebo. However, the wind and lack of two gazebos discouraged us from putting up the banners as well.

 Laurie & Cecile Povie came along in their New Morgan Three Wheeler.

By 9am on the Sunday Morning my Car was in its place, we had erected the other Gazebo and Banners, the Help for Heroes Team had set up their Shop and the cars all began to arrive. 

Photographer John Barry and the Team of Photographer James Noble & Artist Neil Martin were in action during the day photographing everyone as they arrived so that commissions could be offered by Neil .

Here is an example of Neil's work :

One of Neils Painings of Steve's 4/4 4 Seater Below.

and here is the link to James's Photos taken on the day: 

Here is an example of Jame's photos given the special treatment - Wonderful.

Here is the link to John Barry's photos which I have used below in my blog.

That looks like Mike Smith's car?

Philip & Peter had the car parking well in hand in their excellent organisation presenting the various Morgan Models at their very best as can be seen in the photos below.

At 2.30 in the afternoon I was asked to attend a presentation around my car where all of the attending owners and partners were gathering. 

Much to my surprise, following two excellent speeches given by David & Peter, I was presented with a framed plaque to commemorate my Grande Tour for Help for Heroes.

The Presentation Plaque

Organizer David Harris welcoming everyone
The presentation was followed with a short speech given by Andrew Hirst, Chairman of the Morgan Sports Car Club who had travelled down from the Lake District to join with us today. 

Andrew was accompanied by his partner Sarah and Vice Chairman Michelle Bailey who can be seen with me admiring my handsome plaque.

Philip Loring giving his Presentation Speech

Philip Presenting the Plaque to me.

Me, trying to make a credible response.
MSCC Vice Chairman, Michelle Bailey admiring my plaque

One Very Proud Recipient.

Post Presentation Interest in my Pride & Joy - The Green Goddess
Here is the balance of the fabulous photos taken by John Barry during the day of Mixed Weather.

This is the link to Johns Slide show of the photos shown below here:

The Morgan Centenary Roadster 100's who are members of the Register, organising todays event were parked along the front wall of the Manor. 

There were 16 of us there today of the 41 members. Klaus and Ina Pinzer had driven from their home in Germany to join us today.

R100's in a nice neat Philip & Peter line,

That looks like Philips R100

Aero 8's and Aeromax in semi circular display

Philip having fun. What happened next I wonder?

The Sun is Shining and more cars are arriving into the afternoon.

Flat Rad 'Henrietta' complete with that famous Morgan Brick.

One of the New Morgan Three Wheelers.

The Three Wheeler Line up on the other cresent

Waddesdon Manor making its Magnificent Backdrop to the superb Morgans


  1. You have certainly mastered this 'blogging' lark.

    Surprised to see my car's photo on here (example of James Noble's photos, taken at the Solent last November)

    1. Hi Steve,

      I needed to give James & Neil a plug so could not think of a better crib from their Gallery than your stunning picture. I hope you don't mind.
      Unfortunately they did not photograph my car on the day as I was in early.