Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Getting Back to Normal - Boo Hoo!

This afternoon the Stickers came off and the Green Goddess was reverted to her pre campiagn status.

The gentle wafting of the hot Hairdrier lifted them easily. 

Once they started to come off, speed was the essence to avoid leaving patched of adhesive on the Mog.

I was hoping to transfer them onto a sheet of plastic - No Chance! 

They just stretched and twisted as I pulled so will all have to be be assigned to the bin.

Yet another hot wash with the Autoglym Shampoo and there is no sign of where they were.

Once the car has completely dried overnight in the garage then I will be giving the 'Autoglym Lifeshine Coating' a polish over with Autoglym Paint Renovator to remove any haze left by the weather beating that she received on the 22 day trip.

Once done, a coating of Autoglym High Definition Wax will be applied for the first time (recommended by Autoglymn). 

I hope it is easy to polish afterwards.

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