Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Green Goddess is Back to Normal

The Green Goddess - Two Years Ago

Most of this afternoon was well utilised today.

Once the Patio Cleaning Brush lost its last few wire bristles ( so will have to wait for some new ones before I can finish that job.) I was able to get down to polishing the Mog. 

It was a hot & sunny afternoon so I had to start working in the Garage which is like working in a Shoe Box.

Fortunately there was no demarcation whatsoever from 4 months of stickers being subjected to all weathers and abrasions. The Autoglym Lifeshine doing its stuff.

The Autoglym Paint restorer was a disappointment in that it was difficult to polish off. Maybe the best way to deal with it is to do the who car, if it needs it, and then re wash the car before polishing.

My test piece encouraged me to use the liquid polish first, all over, and then once polished, use the High Definition wax.

It was so easy to use and by 7.30pm the whole car was polished with Wax for the first time. The results speak for themselves.

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