Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Visit to Dorking Surrey Yesterday

Just for the Record, I was able to see for the first time some of the items remaining from the Olympic Cycle Races that passed through Dorking and the Famous Box Hill which lies to the north of the town,

As we arrived at the Town Border Roundabout there is a new Statue dedicated to the Olympic Cyclists. Dorking and the surrounding Surrey Hills are always popular with cyclists of all disciplines, partially due to the wide cycle lanes and the Box Hill Climb.

I cribbed this photo from the Internet as I could not take a photo from the car (SWMBO would not allow it and it is a fast two lane roundabout where everyone seems to want to get in front.)

The sculpture, designed by artist Heather Burrell

 Box Hill still contains the Giant Olympics Rings which are visible from miles around.

Dorking's Giant Roundabout Cockerel has been adorned with an Olympic Gold Medal - Magic.

I just wonder what other items of interest that Dorking has to offer?

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