Wednesday, 24 July 2013

At Last I find Time to get the Mog Out from Under its Wraps.

It was an afternoon when I had a few hour to run out the mog and take our reluctant dog for a ride and a walk at Cliveden National Trust woodland walk.

I approached Cliveden via the village of Taplow. 

Running up the hill past the Taplow House Hotel

Along the road is a property development on what was the sight of the WW2 Canadian Hospital. In the Woods at Cliveden can still be found the Cemetery containing memorials to both Servicemen and Nurses. 

The old entrance to the Canadian Hospital.

A little further along the road and I was soon swinging through the Main Gate at Cliveden ready to follow the Mile Long Drive to the Car park.

Its Left opposite the Pub. 

 One Smart Gateway

 The old gate house.

Advertising the upcoming 'Cliveden Rocks & Swings' open air concerts. 

The Mog was soon parked, Hood Up to make secure and Dog ready to 'Walkies'

This Knobbly Tree always grabs my attention. Why??  

 Sadly lacking Water? or beaten down by the recent Thunderstorm? Who Knows?

 One Lonely Poppy in the Daffodil Bed. 

We can go here. 

But can't go here!

 We are supposed to be going up the hill, Digby!

 The River Thames seems to be a long way below.

Dog Drinkies Time. 

We could not get the Self Timer to work so its Him without Me! 

 This Old Bird with a stick is only a Fallen Tree. In the Dark Woods, the eyes deceive.

 The whole 'Clives Den' Picnic and Children's Adventure area.

 Try and Play a Tune on these old sticks.

 Inside, I wonder who provided the Table Cloth?

Another Rustic Den. 

The Dog is in the Mog and we are ready to set off for Home again.

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