Saturday, 13 July 2013

Winning is Everything - My day out at the Festival of Speed today thanks to my Morgan Motor Company Prize.

I was absolutely amazed on Thursday afternoon when I received the phone call from Anita (Minton) at the Morgan Motor Company. I had won two tickets to the Festival of Speed in their Facebook Competition. As the person who never wins anything, or only sometimes, making arrangements took over as we needed to have our dog looked after for the day.

As is often the case with us Oldies, Friday came at about 3am with my wife Ann going down with a violent bout of a Stomach Virus and spent the day in bed. I tried and tried to find a taker for the tickets but Ann insisted that she may feel better by Saturday morning.  The day came, Ann felt much better and I was instructed to go and not waste a cherished ticket. Try as I may I could not find a taker for the other ticket at short notice. At the show I chatted to a lady from RAC who said that they had not found takers for over 30 hospitality tickets. So I set off to Goodwood, sadly, on my own. 

Arriving on what became the Hottest day of the year so far the Car Park was almost full and the dust was flying. I could not believe it when I passed a guy carrying a small dog back to his car. It states very clearly on the ticket that Dogs are not allowed in the event or the car park.

Spotted on my way in, this lovely E Type about to turn Dusty Grey.

Having already walked about a half mile, when you pass through this welcome gate there is still another half mile across the Golf Course to the official check in.

Inside of the 'Moving Motor Show' Hall where the dealers have a special day on the Thursday before the main event.

 The 'Beamer' Simulator.

Sony's new Playstation Simulator

 Renault's Twizy getting a once over.

 On the Audi Stand - another simulator

From the Latest Skoda TV add, this V Engined Lawn Mower.

Outside I was making my way up to Goodwood House hoping to get a good view of the Avro Vulcan Delta Bravo Bomber. On the way I had to pass the assembling point for the next batch of hill climbers only to find a New Morgan BMW Engined V8 lurking at the rear. Later I heard that Charles Morgan himself could have been driving it. Next was the Paddock area where they all had just come from.

The Michelin Supercars waiting ito go out on the track. 

The Morgan +8 

The John Parry Thomas Special  'Babs'

The March-Chevrolet 707 (not the bike)

 The March - Chevrolet Must be the widest car in the show.

Jaguar XK120 'Montlehery' FHC

 I am not sure of the pedigree of this one?

Side by side, Bugatti and Bentley
Peugeot Type 5 Paris-Rouen

Up at the house near to the Stable Block was located the Cartier Car display including the Chris Evans cavalcade photographed at Cliveden House in Bucks last week.

Then the Vulcan arrived and began a series of passes across the Goodwood Airfield to the south. unfortunately they were low passes and obscured from our high vantage point by a line of trees.  But patience is a virtue and eventually I was able to get a few shots.

Air Show over, I decided to make my way up towards the top of the Hill Climb course to watch the cars running at full pelt.  

The lawn in front of Goodwood House was heaving as the route narrowed

On the Balcony, Lord March's guests had a good view of proceedings as a Guitarist climbed onto the roof.

I believe that this London Steam Driven Carriage Replica by Tom Brogden did make a run up part of the Hill Climb.

"That steam wagon is a recreation of an 1803 Trevithick Steam Coach. I have seen some other pictures of it attempting the hill, I'm guessing it didn't break the record! " - Thank You to Ian Wegg for sending me the info in a comment. (Comments always welcome)

Sadly, and unlike the Cartier Display, these specials in their confined display were covered in a skin of dust. I took this pic through a hole in the fence. 

I last saw this Bentley Beast fully dressed doing demo laps during the 2012 Bentley Drivers Club Day at Silverstone 

I managed to find a seat in the shade of the Pit-stop Cafe where I had my snack lunch - Two rounds of sandwiches and a very small cappuccino for the princely sum of £14.00

It was impossible to hear the music but the Big Screen opposite me did allow a sight of the Guitarist on the Roof.

Everyone is waiting for the next phase of the Hill Climb. This was my best location and viewpoint as the cars had to turn a sharp right in front of the Camera Towers.

Proving that my slow camera shutter would need me to click early and use much lass Zoom.

 Then along cam the Slowest Entrant who just made it to the Turn In opposite. They had plenty time to receive and enjoy a magnificent round of applause from the crowd.

 This Miller Aerodynamic Coupe 'The Golden Submarine' is one was one of my favorites. Imagine owning one of these.

 This famous Railton Special resides at the Brooklands Museum.

The Auto Union Type C

 The Sir Stirling Moss driving the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR made his run to more tumultuous applause.  

Ferrari 250 GTO

Chaparral-Chevrolet 2E

 Sir Stirling Moss shown on the Big Screen

Porche 917K

Toyota Camry

Peter Fonda and his Harley-Davidson.

 The Hot Rod doing Burn Outs somewhere in that Smoke never made it as far as my viewing position. So again the Big Screen comes into its own.

 Now the smoke clears and the beast is visible.

Bob Riggle and the 'Hurst Hemi Under Glass Wheelstander' Plymouth Barracuda

 I made my way back down the hill to another of the Paddocks 

It was time to cross the track and have a look at the various stands and shops so I made my way to the bridge. 

The heat was taking its toll and every piece of shade was filled with resting and lunching groups.

 Looking through the mesh.

 A strategically positioned branch hides the lady from becoming the focal point

 I spotted the Land Rover stand so made a bee line for the hospitality floor for a welcome cappuccino. 
The panoramic view from the top was great. 

 These miniature Defenders were keeping the youngsters busy trying to scale their obstacle course

 The wounded soldiers from the Race2Recovery team who completed the Dakar Rally this year were interviewed with their car on display.

 Something on show for everyone

 I enjoyed watching the two teams of Army Cadets racing to assemble their Kit Cars. 

 Fastest Vehicles on the Beach.

 Krazy Horse from Bury St Edmund's is one of the latest companies to become a Morgan Dealer. Specialising in building Motorcycles, but using the same engines as the new Three Wheeler prompted the initiative. 

 The SS Engine in this super chopper.

 Next Door was the Mustang Stand.

 Inside the Lotus Pod this development car on show.

 Half a Dozen Citroen Cafes in coral format. 

 Fords Scaffold Tower Block.

The New Jaguar F Type on show.

 The other end of the Beach.

 Replica or Original, that is the question?

 £3500 will get you on the way to owning one of these simulators

Goodwood House from this side of the track.

A Speed Trial Motorcycle flashes past.
 As I crossed back over the bridge heading slowly for the exit, I passed this group of characters. They all joined together in clapping a lady following me down. What or who they were I know not!

"The clapping people are the "Wacky Racers", a 1970's cartoon series loosely based on the film "Monte Carlo or Bust". " - Thank You again to Ian Wegg for the info.

 I paused as more cars raced up the hill.

 Having spotted these two downhill racers I found that there had been a vast array of them the day before.

 I paused at this corner to eat the last of my lunch and to watch more speeding.

 It has been a long day.

 Ah! so that is where the Start Line is.

After this most enjoyable day, I set out to find the car among the thousands in the field. It was now very dusty from the vehicle movements along the access roads. I was thankful that I had not brought The Green Goddess today.

Until the next topic, thank you for reading my Blog. Frank.


  1. Great blog Frank
    I feel as if I was there !

  2. Thanks for those kind words Sue. It is much appreciated.
    Best Wishes

  3. Some great pictures Frank. I can't believe how much you got round in one day!

    I'm surprised the RAC had 50 hospitality tickets unused, given that the whole weekend was a sell out! I joined the RAC at the Revival last year, I'd have welcomed their hospitality.

    The clapping people are the "Wacky Racers", a 1970's cartoon series loosely based on the film "Monte Carlo or Bust". That steam wagon is a recreation of an 1803 Trevithick Steam Coach. I have seen some other pictures of it atempting the hill, I'm guessing it didn't break the record!

    I'm glad you had a good day. Perhaps we'll meet there next year.


  4. Thanks Ian,

    I'll put this info into the Blog if you don't mind.

    I have still to go through and add some car info from the Program.

    It just takes a long time doing this stuff but with almost 13000 page views with a large Blog audience in America and Russia plus many other countries I need to try and make it factual as well as colourful.

    Thank you for commenting.