Friday, 5 July 2013

With all of this Heat and Sunshine, the Morgan just had to be Driven.

My Solo journeys are increasing in number this year as SWMBO seems to not want to have even the shortest run out with me. 
The other comment ' I don't want to sit all day in a field among a load of old cars ' seems to have precluded visits to Car Shows, Steam Rally's and maybe even Country Fairs.  Blahhhh! Blahhhh!

So it was off for a run out to Oakley Court Hotel near Windsor for a Coffee in the warm sunshine where a guaranteed fabulous vista of the Garden and the River Thames awaits the casual visitor and hotel guest alike.

Having posted the hotel here before, here are some photos of photos from inside the Hotel.

 Humour from the Toilet Wall - 'The Maid who was Just Human'

Bray Studios,Next door used Oakley Court for both Hammer House of Horror and St Trinians films as well as some of the Avengers.

Then I remembered! Chris Evens and his Magnificent Seven Car rally for Children in Need was about to descend on the National Trust at Cliveden, just up the road.

Having unsuccessfully failed to blag my way into the estate I parked the Mog on the grass outside of the gate and waited with a small group of interested folk.

We waited and waited and eventually the cars began to arrive. Most gave us a hearty wave except for one driver who was so far up his own posterior that he risked the Ferrari through the narrow bollards at the gate by gunning it without slowing at all. Stupid B!.

Chris Evens it seems arrived by Helicopter inside the grounds. There were no Paps as Chris wanted a low key event, we are told? No fund raising either which seems a lost opportunity?

Then there were None!  - Home quickly to 'Inspect the Plumbing' as a pipe burst is forecast.

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